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In the book of Acts chapter 8, there was a sorcerer whose name was Simon. He repented from His ways and yet still doing things the way he was as if he hasn’t repented. He thought that he could purchase God’s gifts with money as he saw the apostles laid hands on people and they were anointed with Holy Spirit.

Many believers are still like that; they call themselves Christians and yet their ways of life are still the same as before they accepted Christ. They have this assumption that once they receive God then that is enough. They thought they can buy God’s blessing and gifts with money. This is due to the lack of knowledge about God. Many believers do not want to commit to learn more about God. They go to church once a week which as the days pass by they will soon forget about the preaching or maybe only 5% which they remember and as they live their lives daily surrounded by non believers, nothing changes in their lives. They cannot become witnesses for God that way as they have no clue the characters of God and are not led by the Holy Spirit.

They thought that when they are sick, they just call the pastors to pray for them in exchange for money and they will be healed. God doesn’t need our money. He has the whole universe in His hands. He is ready and willing to give us the gifts of the Holy Spirit as long as we have faith and believe in Him. That’s the only key. There is no amount of money in the world can make us receive the gifts of God if we don’t believe in it and if we don’t know how to receive it, how to use it and how to live in it.

The gifts of God is not exchangeable as each is given freely to a person according to the purpose that God created Him to be and if we don’t use it then God will take it away. There are so many things that money cannot buy but unfortunately people are blinded by money because they put their need and greed above everything else. If they put their trust in God and walk according to His ways, they will realize that God can fulfill all of their need even if we have nothing.

Grow in the knowledge of God; do not be a believer by name only but be a true believer that knows who God is and put our trust in Him only.

Acts 8:20

Daily prayer
Lord, I want to know more about You and I believe that You give Your gifts freely according to Your grace. I will put You above anything else on this earth and seek Your ways always and I believe that my life is taken care of in Your hands. In the Name of Jesus I pray

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God promises in psalms 91 that when we call on Him, He would answer and that He will be with us in times of trouble and He will deliver us and honor us. What a great and assuring promise and we can be one hundred percent sure that God will always fulfill His promise.

However many believers become unbelievers because they feel that God doesn’t answer them; that He goes back on His words. The truth is God never goes back on His words. He is always with us. The problem lies with us and with our commitment and desire to have relationship with God. Most of us have no relationship with God and we call on Him only when we are in trouble and demanding that God answer us.

God only responds to faith. If we don’t have relationship with Him, rarely pray to Him and barely read the bible, what basis do we have to fully trust Him to answer us? Our faith won’t be strong enough to fully trust God to answer according to His ways. The only thing we have is doubt whether God can get us out of our difficult situation or not.

What makes us trust God if we don’t know Him? Can we trust someone and give our life to a person that we don’t know? Many believers are like that. They call themselves believers but there is no foundation in their faith. God’s ways are higher than our ways. If we don’t have faith and we don’t know how He works, we will always think that He never answer us. His timing is perfect and He would test us sometimes to the point where we think it’s too late to solve our problems.

That’s why we need faith; Faith to endure and fully surrender to Him; faith to be able to say that God is never late and He will surely deliver us; faith to never leave Him no matter what happen; Faith in knowing that He is God and He never goes back on His promises.
Exercise our faith and build relationship with Him!!!

Psalms 91:15

Daily prayer
Lord, I absolutely believe in You and in Your promises. I will learn and grow in the knowledge of You and to have faith fully in You that You reign over all and will be able to deliver me. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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We as believers have to watch our words of what we say to others and in any situation. People take lightly sometimes of the things that they say and try to take it back when others are hurt or when situations are getting worse.

In the beginning God created everything with Word and everything were created. Jesus always spoke for miracles to happen. He commanded it and spoke the Word. In the book of John chapter 1 was explained that the Word that God spoke of to create things was God and with God and then this Word came down to earth and became flesh and was named Jesus.

All things were made through Jesus and in Jesus there was life and this life is the light of men. Believers who accepted Jesus Christ and believe in Him have the Spirit of God inside of them. Jesus lives inside of us. He is the light and the life inside every believer. If our lives are truly led by the Holy Spirit and we use our lives to fulfill God’s purpose then every word that is coming out of our mouth would be Jesus’ words Himself.

That is why when we proclaim healing, people are healed; when we proclaim miracle, miracle happen. It is not because of us but because we have Jesus lives inside of us and He has the power to create through words alone. That is exactly why we have to be careful with our words. If we can proclaim on healing and miracles, we can also curse and cause hurts to others and make bad things happen through words because there is a power in our words.

We think when we have Jesus, we would be all holy and will not say bad things; however the enemies are always lurking and try to find the opportunity for us to slip and fall. We can’t always control ourselves when we are angry and the enemies will certainly try to use every possible way to upset us. This involves self control and changes in characters a we have a deeper relationship with God.

So, use positive words only to glorify God, to build other people and to further the Kingdom of God. Proclaim on victory on the enemies and lost souls. Break the chain of the captives, set them free, heal the sick and cast out demons. Jesus, Whom all things were created through Him, lives inside of us.

John 1:3-4

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I believe that You live inside of me. Lead me and every word that I say that it will only be used for positive things to glorify Your name and to build the Kingdom of God on this earth. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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OUR FOOD (Pt. 2)

In the book of John chapter 4, Jesus had a conversation with a certain Samaritan woman. After she left to spread the good news to the whole town, the disciples came and brought Him food and urged Jesus to eat. His answer was puzzling to the disciples. Jesus said that He had food to eat of which they do not know (v.32-34). The disciples thought that someone else had given Him food. Jesus then said that “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work”.

When people talk about food, they always talk about actual physical food that we can chew and swallow and fill us up. The previous daily devotional talks about spiritual food that is the Word of God to fill us our Spiritual man. The Word of God that we need to chew on, to meditate and which is very important for us to live on this earth against our enemy. In this conversation, Jesus introduced another kind of food that doesn’t involve physical food.

Food is something to fill us up, make us feel satisfied and cure us of hunger. We are physical being but the actual person of us, that drives the physical being is the Spiritual person. Many people live this life wandering aimlessly and have no idea why they live in the first place. Some collect wealth, some wasting their lives away by partying and ruining their bodies, some living in hatred, and some thinks that it’s better to live all alone in a mountain somewhere away from other people.

Jesus clearly stated that for us, the Spiritual being, to be satisfied is to do the will of the Father. We believe in Jesus and that He lives inside of us. His food is to do the will of the Father and since He lives inside of us then that should drives us to do His will as well; sadly, many believers still trying to do their own things instead of trying to find the will of God in their lives and do it. There is no surprise that even many believers feel empty, feeling unsatisfied, feeling like they haven’t accomplished anything in their life which is no different than non believers because what they are doing is their own will, their own decision, walking in their own path. Holy Spirit may live inside of us but what we do is just pushing them away and doing our own thing.

If we want to feel satisfied in our soul, not feeling empty, then find our purpose in life. Jesus equates doing the will of God as the same as food. Believe in Him. Doing God’s will certainly make us feeling filled with happiness and satisfaction that we have accomplished what God created us to be; that we do our part in establishing His Kingdom on this earth and knowing that God is rejoicing because we obey Him.

John 4:34

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I want to eat the food that You are eating, I want to make Your food as my food that is doing the will of the Father. I believe that You live inside of me. Make me an obedient child and sensitive to Your voice that I may do it 100 percent. That I will not do my own thing but Yours only. I want to feel full and satisfied knowing that God is happy that I have done what He created me to be. Reveal to me my purpose in life. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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OUR FOOD (pt. 1)

People live on this earth are filled with basic necessities and one of them is food. We work hard to make sure that we don’t lack of anything to eat. In the book of Matthew 4, when Jesus was tempted by satan regarding food after fasting for 40 days and 40 nights which He was certainly hungry, Jesus answered that “man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God”.

Man is made up of body, soul and spirit. The body for sure needs physical food. When Jesus was hungry and tempted, and yet He answered that man needs to live from the Word of God. This emphasizes how important spiritual food is from physical food. God is Spirit and satan as well.

The enemies are always trying to deceive us to leave God and end up in eternal hell with them. They do it through spiritual realm by affecting our mind, will and soul to follow the desire of our body and lust. God certainly knows about this and to fight them, He stressed how important the Word of God is to us.

Jesus said to live by EVERY WORD from the mouth of God. We have to learn and read every word of God. The whole bible is important. We should not just pick and choose verses that we like and skip Words that we don’t understand or boring to us. Every Word is important for believers to live. That is for their Spirit to be fed, to know God in a deeper level, to be strongly connected to Him.

Believers who don’t read the bible will have no way fighting the enemy or any temptations, trials and troubles that come their way as they have no strong foundation to fight off the enemy. Their faith has no power that is by hearing the word of God because that’s where faith comes from. How can we say we believe in someone but yet we know nothing about that person? If we don’t know who God is, how He works, how He forgives, His mercy and grace, His laws, then we would doubt Him easily when troubles or riches come to take us away.

We would not give our companies to someone to run if we don’t know that person well. The same thing with our connection to God; He knows us well, but for us to trust our lives to Him can only be done if we have a great relationship to Him and know Him well. For God to trust His blessing to us is of course to know that we can be trusted. If we refuse to do His ways and keep avoiding Him, why would He trust us to run His companies, His church, managing His people, managing financial blessing for Him?

Live by every Word that proceeds from God’s mouth; read our bible

Matthew 4:4

Daily prayer
Lord, I want to live by Your every Word. I believe that Your word is food for my spiritual life to live on. I want to know You and all of Your ways and spend eternity with You. In the name of Jesus I pray.

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In the Old Testaments, God’s presence was always with Israel in the form of pillar of cloud during the day and pillar of fire at night. However, Israel still forgot that God was always with them. God then commanded to build a tabernacle with a very specific and detailed instruction that had to be followed to be worthy of His presence. This holiest place can only be entered by a high priest alone once a year to give offering as forgiveness of sin; this tabernacle then being replaced by a temple that was built by Solomon and rebuilt again during Nehemiah and Ezra time.

When Jesus died on the cross, the veil that separate the holiest place was torn as a symbol that now there is no separation between man and God. Jesus now resides in our heart. The Spirit of God now lives in us. The temple, which was built by men, was destroyed. People don’t understand that God will only live in a place that is worthy for Him to live. He will not reside in a place that is built by human hand no matter how grand and how beautiful it is.

We have to believe in Jesus Christ and open our heart for Him to come in and enter into our lives. He will not force His way in but gently knock on the door of our heart. In 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, Paul wrote that we are now the holy temple of God; a temple that is not built by human hand but built by God that is worthy of Him to resides in. It depends on us now on how we live our lifestyle. We as believer have to live a lifestyle that is holy and according to God’s words. We have to prepare the best for Him if we truly love Him and want Him to stay inside of us.

Sadly many believers who accepted Jesus do not live such a lifestyle. Many of us live double lifestyle that is different in the church and outside the church. Sin separates human from God. When Jesus died, He took all of our sins and at that moment God had to leave Him because God is so holy that He cannot be presence where there is sin. Jesus is our advocate who pray for us for our forgiveness of sins. However if we whom have been trusted by God to be His temple, destroy our body by keep committing sins and do not take care of our body, God cannot stay inside of us. The Spirit of God will leave us.

Do not defile our body. Try to live holy and believe if we give our best, the Spirit of God will stay inside of us and keep leading us. Let’s make ourselves a holy temple that is worthy of God to be presence in our lives for He is worth much more than this. Yet He loves us and decides to reside in us for those who will receive Him and prepare the best for Him.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I open my heart for You Lord and lead me to live holy and according to Your word so that I am worthy to be Your temple for You to reside. I am always longing for Your presence in my life. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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In this world there are so many religions that deceive people. Human know and realize that there is a greater power out there, but instead of worshiping the true God, they were deceived by the devil and their mind is corrupted that they worship idols instead.

Everything in this world is created by One God only, the one that we worship, a living God that sent His Son to die for us. People who are corrupted trying so hard to worship their gods by creating things with their own hands: statues, pictures, symbols and kneeling before these things, worshiping them and asking for blessings. They would bring food such as rice, apples and oranges as part of their offering. Would our God, an Almighty God is worthy of such offering? How low would we make our God if that is our best offering?

Some religions go as far as giving human as their sacrifice. Why would God who created human in the first place want them dead as an offering to please Him? He created us in His image to take care of this world and to save others so they may spend eternity with Him, not killing them as a sacrifice.

We are a fool if we ever bow down to something that is made by our hand. If we create something, than we should have control over that thing. That means we are higher being than the thing that we create, especially thing that can’t speak, can’t move, can’t see and pretty much cannot do anything except for decoration. We are totally deceived and saddest human being if we ever worship anything that is made by our hands.

Joshua, who swore loyalty to God and obey Him at every step of his life, built an altar from stones that were untouched by human’s tools. In the book of Joshua chapter 8, after Israel defeated Ai, Joshua renewed the covenant between Israel and God and wrote down the laws that God gave to Moses. He knew that anything that was built by human hands were not worthy of God. He realized that human were sinners and short of the glory of God. So he picked stones that were made by God and untouched by human’s tool as an altar.

Only those which are created by God is worthy of God. That is why we as human whom are created according to His image are worthy of Him as an offering; not as a dead offering, but a living sacrifice, living our life the way He created us to be. Those who worship idols, they lowered themselves below stones and rocks that they kneel down to. We should be higher than those statues. God created us as such being that even Jesus came to earth and became like us. We must pray for those who are lost, blinded and deceived.

Worship only the living God; live a lifestyle that is worthy as a sacrifice to Him.

Joshua 8:31

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I will only worship You as my true God. You are a living God and I pray for those who are lost, blind and deceived by the enemy. Lord, open their eyes that they wake up and see their wrong ways. Free them from the bondage of the enemy. I pray that they repent and know the true living God and be saved. Give me the courage Lord to tell them about You. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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The greatest commandment that the Lord gives is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, our soul, our mind and our strength and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. In the parable of the good Samaritan in the book of Luke 10:25-37, Jesus answered the question of a lawyer about who is our neighbor.

A priest and a Levite passed by that man who was robbed and unconscious and did nothing. While a Samaritan who was at that time counted as cast out people and lower than Jewish, stopped and helped that fallen man. He didn’t care if there was a chance he might be robbed or his schedule is now messed up. He treated that man and even pay to have him taken care of.

Martin Luther King Jr commented on this and said that the priest and Levite had question in their heart that is ‘if I stop and help this person, what would happen to me?’ while the Samaritan had a totally different question, that is ‘if I don’t stop, what would happen to this person?

From these two questions, we can totally see the character of a person, who resembles Jesus? We need to examine ourselves and check, which question do we ask ourselves when we help others? What kind of character do we have? Many people do not want to serve at the church and serve God for that matter, because of this: the desire to seek their own reward, the selfish thought that hinders people from sharing the love of God to others.

God has given to us everything that we need freely at the cost of His Son, it doesn’t cost us anything except to believe in Him. yet, we keep everything that God give us abundantly to ourselves. The term to love other as we love ourselves should show that what we do to ourselves then we should do the same to others. We always think about our own safety, so then we should start thinking about the safety of others. We always want to get noticed; how about paying attention to others as well? We don’t want to be offended; how about stop offending others and think before we act and speak. Whatever the treatment that we give to us, which is normally we want the best for us, start giving that treatment to others and that way the love of God will shine through and we are doing His commandment.

Luke 10:37

Daily prayer
Lord, forgive me if I was being selfish all this time and seek reward only for my doing. While You Lord has sacrificed Your Son for my sake to set an example for me to sacrifice for others. Thank You for Your Word, renew my mind and my heart that I can become more like You and act selflessly. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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We believe that the right path to take as believers is the path that God laid before us. God surely will guide us to the right way. However, we are confused many times in which path to take. We feel that God is leading us this way, but then our pastor says different things, our friends recommend us to do something else.

We face problems, challenges and think that maybe the directions of our lives are wrong because there are no way lives should this hard. We take a different direction and try to settle down; but that is our direction. God never promise an easy life but He promise that He will be with us and carrying us through it. Sometimes we are just going around in life because we use our own way of thinking. When things get hard, we change direction, where God’s plan is actually trying to get us through that hurdle and strengthen our characters at the same time.

The only way to do this is to have an intimate relationship with God and let God leading us; not us trying to lead our own life. We will end up as a mess. In the book of Old Testament, God’s presence was always with Israel. He never left them. He was there as a pillar of cloud during the day and pillar of fire during the night. However, just as it was back then, the same thing happens to many believers. Even though God was right there leading Israel every day, yet when troubles came, Israel doubted God. When they had no water, they went to Moses and temp God by asking if God exist. He was right there; in front of their eyes leading them.

We did the same thing too. God is actually trying to lead us through Holy Spirit, through other people, but we are insensitive and cannot recognize God’s help in front of our eyes; because we don’t have a connection with Him. So, every time we face troubles, we would make up our own prophecy and say that God wants us to go in different direction even though God was actually right there and wants us to move forward. Learn from Joseph, he was thrown into a well, sold, accused, thrown into jail, but he trusted God and let God lead him.

Stop relying on ourselves, our mind, and making up our own prophecy and path; build a connection with Him and let God lead us. He is here with us, inside of us, in front of our eyes, trying to get our attention to follow Him.

Exodus 13:21

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I want to know You more. To know all of Your ways, to know Your plan for me and I surrender it all to let You lead my life. I trust in You. Your ways are higher and Your plans are certainly better than mine. Thank You Lord for always being with me. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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In the book of Matthew 4:1-11, before Jesus began His ministries, He was led by the Holy Spirit to the wilderness to be tempted by satan. He then fasted for 40 days and 40 nights before He was tempted. So, Jesus was exhausted, weak, hungry and alone and He was purposely led there to be tempted. The question is why?

There are believers out there who think that once they have Jesus in their heart that the devil will not dare to temp them. It is quite the contrary; once we have Jesus, the devil will do anything to tempt us and make us fall and bow down to them just like the way they temp Jesus to make Him kneel down to the devil. If the devil dare to tempt Jesus, what would hold them back from tempting us?. They don’t need to deceive those who don’t believe in Jesus because they are already belonging in their grasp. So they focus their attention and their effort to us who believe in Him.

Jesus wants us to fast so that we learn to refrain ourselves from falling into temptation. Food is the one thing that we absolutely need to live. We love great food. If we can hold ourselves back from eating delicious looking food when we are hungry, then we might be able to hold back from other temptations that the devil is throwing at us. Fasting train our mind to hold on to our principles and when we are weak, we are more likely to depend on God and not our own strength.

It is important to us to read our bible so that we can use the Word of God to rebuke the temptation of the devil as Jesus did. He used the Word of God to answer every time the devil tempted Him. the Word of God has power and it changes circumstances, it changes lives, it is given to us so that we can trust in the Lord; trust in His love to us and be more than conquerors.

On the last temptation, Jesus told satan to go away and he left Him. This holds the key to fight the devil; not only we have to renew our mind with the Word of God so that we won’t be corrupted, but in James 4:7, it says that we have to submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee from us, just like what Jesus did. Fight the devil with the Word of God. God has given us power, weapons and Jesus Himself to live in us to fight the devil. We are more than conquerors and at the end we will be with our God for eternity.

James 4:7

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I trust in You and You have shown me the way to fight the enemy. I will read and meditate on Your Words day and night and I will resist the devil and submit myself only to You. Write my name in the book of life as I want to spend eternity with You. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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