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Our words

There are a lot of verses in the bible that talks about the power of words, our tongue and how we need to control it and watch what we say. Many families have broken up, children and parents carry hurt feeling that would never go away, friendship become decimated because of words, countries go to war from speeches that wasn’t supposed to be said. Couples went their separate ways because they could not say nice things to each other.
It is so easy to say things that we thought are right and without thinking about consequences after it. It is so easy to be condescending, racist, bullying and demeaning to others and said that it was just a joke and harmless. Our words are like a hammer. It can destroy a building or a wall and the only way to recover is to build it new. Patching it would only serve a reminder that the hole is still there. The lasting impact of our words are still there and being carried by those that were hurt by our words.
People have lost hope and even take step further and end their life because they have been told they are hopeless by people whom they trust. People who carry bitterness in their heart will only speak bitter words and hurting others whether they want to or not unless that bitterness is taken out of their heart.
However, we have seen words that are uplifting, words that can mend a broken heart and words that are encouraging and comforting. Those words will only be spoken by those who believe in Jesus Christ and their mind has been renewed by the Word of God.
Jesus presence in our life is bringing life changing character as long as we make ourselves subjects of His workmanship. He is gentle and full of love, and grace and mercy. He gives hope to those who feel hopeless, and His words are uplifting to our souls. When others say that we are not good enough, God says that He created us just perfect according to His purpose for His glory.
Yes, words don’t kill us physically but we have seen people who give up in life and going through life hoping that theirs will end soon from words that kill their soul. Speak life and blessing. Have Jesus in our lives and renew our minds with His words

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit.

Daily prayer:
Jesus, I pray that Your presence will always be with me. Help me to change the way I think and speak only positive and godly words to encourage others and to bring others to come to You. In the name of Jesus I pray. amin

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