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The Gospel is given not only to be heard and believed but to be obeyed. The bible says that the beginning, progress and strength of faith come by hearing but hearing the Word of God only in Romans 10:17. Everyone has faith but not everyone has faith in God. We believe if we see a chair we can sit on it without the chair crumble under our weight. That is faith because we see it and we can touch it then we believe.

Faith in God is different. It is a belief to the Unseen and Divine Revelation. Therefore, we can’t condemn or ask people to have faith in God if they never heard Him or the Word or the Message. It is the utmost importance that someone deliver the Truth then people can believe after they hear it. It is important for us as believer to seek the Truth and to go to church or believer’s meeting, prayers meeting and her the Truth to strengthen our Faith.

It is peculiar that the second part of that verse says “and hearing by the word of God” – not hearing the Word of God. It shows that Word of God which is Jesus Himself is in command. He directs His Words to those who seek Him. “by” – shows that God is in control. Therefore, if God withheld His words to be shared to some, then it is not the time to share to those group. He knows the right condition and situation. He moves by divine power and we ought to if we are led by His Holy Spirit.

Preachers who are led by Holy Spirit will share the right message at the right time to the right people and those by hearing the right message will have their faith strengthen. It is our job then as believer to be led by the Holy Spirit, to seek God and hear and meditate on His words daily to strengthen our faith and to share the right message to the right people.

Romans 10:17 (NKJV)
17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, lead me with Your Spirit that I may seek You diligently with all my heart and I believe my faith is strengthen whenever I hear Your words. Make me to be Your vessel that I may carry Your message so that those who never hear the gospel that faith may arise in them when they hear it. I believe that Your words are powerful and it will accomplish what it set out to do. In the name of Jesus I pray. amen

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