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In this world there are so many religions that deceive people. Human know and realize that there is a greater power out there, but instead of worshiping the true God, they were deceived by the devil and their mind is corrupted that they worship idols instead.

Everything in this world is created by One God only, the one that we worship, a living God that sent His Son to die for us. People who are corrupted trying so hard to worship their gods by creating things with their own hands: statues, pictures, symbols and kneeling before these things, worshiping them and asking for blessings. They would bring food such as rice, apples and oranges as part of their offering. Would our God, an Almighty God is worthy of such offering? How low would we make our God if that is our best offering?

Some religions go as far as giving human as their sacrifice. Why would God who created human in the first place want them dead as an offering to please Him? He created us in His image to take care of this world and to save others so they may spend eternity with Him, not killing them as a sacrifice.

We are a fool if we ever bow down to something that is made by our hand. If we create something, than we should have control over that thing. That means we are higher being than the thing that we create, especially thing that can’t speak, can’t move, can’t see and pretty much cannot do anything except for decoration. We are totally deceived and saddest human being if we ever worship anything that is made by our hands.

Joshua, who swore loyalty to God and obey Him at every step of his life, built an altar from stones that were untouched by human’s tools. In the book of Joshua chapter 8, after Israel defeated Ai, Joshua renewed the covenant between Israel and God and wrote down the laws that God gave to Moses. He knew that anything that was built by human hands were not worthy of God. He realized that human were sinners and short of the glory of God. So he picked stones that were made by God and untouched by human’s tool as an altar.

Only those which are created by God is worthy of God. That is why we as human whom are created according to His image are worthy of Him as an offering; not as a dead offering, but a living sacrifice, living our life the way He created us to be. Those who worship idols, they lowered themselves below stones and rocks that they kneel down to. We should be higher than those statues. God created us as such being that even Jesus came to earth and became like us. We must pray for those who are lost, blinded and deceived.

Worship only the living God; live a lifestyle that is worthy as a sacrifice to Him.

Joshua 8:31

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I will only worship You as my true God. You are a living God and I pray for those who are lost, blind and deceived by the enemy. Lord, open their eyes that they wake up and see their wrong ways. Free them from the bondage of the enemy. I pray that they repent and know the true living God and be saved. Give me the courage Lord to tell them about You. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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