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We as believers have to watch our words of what we say to others and in any situation. People take lightly sometimes of the things that they say and try to take it back when others are hurt or when situations are getting worse.

In the beginning God created everything with Word and everything were created. Jesus always spoke for miracles to happen. He commanded it and spoke the Word. In the book of John chapter 1 was explained that the Word that God spoke of to create things was God and with God and then this Word came down to earth and became flesh and was named Jesus.

All things were made through Jesus and in Jesus there was life and this life is the light of men. Believers who accepted Jesus Christ and believe in Him have the Spirit of God inside of them. Jesus lives inside of us. He is the light and the life inside every believer. If our lives are truly led by the Holy Spirit and we use our lives to fulfill God’s purpose then every word that is coming out of our mouth would be Jesus’ words Himself.

That is why when we proclaim healing, people are healed; when we proclaim miracle, miracle happen. It is not because of us but because we have Jesus lives inside of us and He has the power to create through words alone. That is exactly why we have to be careful with our words. If we can proclaim on healing and miracles, we can also curse and cause hurts to others and make bad things happen through words because there is a power in our words.

We think when we have Jesus, we would be all holy and will not say bad things; however the enemies are always lurking and try to find the opportunity for us to slip and fall. We can’t always control ourselves when we are angry and the enemies will certainly try to use every possible way to upset us. This involves self control and changes in characters a we have a deeper relationship with God.

So, use positive words only to glorify God, to build other people and to further the Kingdom of God. Proclaim on victory on the enemies and lost souls. Break the chain of the captives, set them free, heal the sick and cast out demons. Jesus, Whom all things were created through Him, lives inside of us.

John 1:3-4

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I believe that You live inside of me. Lead me and every word that I say that it will only be used for positive things to glorify Your name and to build the Kingdom of God on this earth. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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