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In the book of Acts chapter 8, there was a sorcerer whose name was Simon. He repented from His ways and yet still doing things the way he was as if he hasn’t repented. He thought that he could purchase God’s gifts with money as he saw the apostles laid hands on people and they were anointed with Holy Spirit.

Many believers are still like that; they call themselves Christians and yet their ways of life are still the same as before they accepted Christ. They have this assumption that once they receive God then that is enough. They thought they can buy God’s blessing and gifts with money. This is due to the lack of knowledge about God. Many believers do not want to commit to learn more about God. They go to church once a week which as the days pass by they will soon forget about the preaching or maybe only 5% which they remember and as they live their lives daily surrounded by non believers, nothing changes in their lives. They cannot become witnesses for God that way as they have no clue the characters of God and are not led by the Holy Spirit.

They thought that when they are sick, they just call the pastors to pray for them in exchange for money and they will be healed. God doesn’t need our money. He has the whole universe in His hands. He is ready and willing to give us the gifts of the Holy Spirit as long as we have faith and believe in Him. That’s the only key. There is no amount of money in the world can make us receive the gifts of God if we don’t believe in it and if we don’t know how to receive it, how to use it and how to live in it.

The gifts of God is not exchangeable as each is given freely to a person according to the purpose that God created Him to be and if we don’t use it then God will take it away. There are so many things that money cannot buy but unfortunately people are blinded by money because they put their need and greed above everything else. If they put their trust in God and walk according to His ways, they will realize that God can fulfill all of their need even if we have nothing.

Grow in the knowledge of God; do not be a believer by name only but be a true believer that knows who God is and put our trust in Him only.

Acts 8:20

Daily prayer
Lord, I want to know more about You and I believe that You give Your gifts freely according to Your grace. I will put You above anything else on this earth and seek Your ways always and I believe that my life is taken care of in Your hands. In the Name of Jesus I pray

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