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In the book of John chapter 4, Jesus had a conversation with a certain Samaritan woman. After she left to spread the good news to the whole town, the disciples came and brought Him food and urged Jesus to eat. His answer was puzzling to the disciples. Jesus said that He had food to eat of which they do not know (v.32-34). The disciples thought that someone else had given Him food. Jesus then said that “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work”.

When people talk about food, they always talk about actual physical food that we can chew and swallow and fill us up. The previous daily devotional talks about spiritual food that is the Word of God to fill us our Spiritual man. The Word of God that we need to chew on, to meditate and which is very important for us to live on this earth against our enemy. In this conversation, Jesus introduced another kind of food that doesn’t involve physical food.

Food is something to fill us up, make us feel satisfied and cure us of hunger. We are physical being but the actual person of us, that drives the physical being is the Spiritual person. Many people live this life wandering aimlessly and have no idea why they live in the first place. Some collect wealth, some wasting their lives away by partying and ruining their bodies, some living in hatred, and some thinks that it’s better to live all alone in a mountain somewhere away from other people.

Jesus clearly stated that for us, the Spiritual being, to be satisfied is to do the will of the Father. We believe in Jesus and that He lives inside of us. His food is to do the will of the Father and since He lives inside of us then that should drives us to do His will as well; sadly, many believers still trying to do their own things instead of trying to find the will of God in their lives and do it. There is no surprise that even many believers feel empty, feeling unsatisfied, feeling like they haven’t accomplished anything in their life which is no different than non believers because what they are doing is their own will, their own decision, walking in their own path. Holy Spirit may live inside of us but what we do is just pushing them away and doing our own thing.

If we want to feel satisfied in our soul, not feeling empty, then find our purpose in life. Jesus equates doing the will of God as the same as food. Believe in Him. Doing God’s will certainly make us feeling filled with happiness and satisfaction that we have accomplished what God created us to be; that we do our part in establishing His Kingdom on this earth and knowing that God is rejoicing because we obey Him.

John 4:34

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I want to eat the food that You are eating, I want to make Your food as my food that is doing the will of the Father. I believe that You live inside of me. Make me an obedient child and sensitive to Your voice that I may do it 100 percent. That I will not do my own thing but Yours only. I want to feel full and satisfied knowing that God is happy that I have done what He created me to be. Reveal to me my purpose in life. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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