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God promises in psalms 91 that when we call on Him, He would answer and that He will be with us in times of trouble and He will deliver us and honor us. What a great and assuring promise and we can be one hundred percent sure that God will always fulfill His promise.

However many believers become unbelievers because they feel that God doesn’t answer them; that He goes back on His words. The truth is God never goes back on His words. He is always with us. The problem lies with us and with our commitment and desire to have relationship with God. Most of us have no relationship with God and we call on Him only when we are in trouble and demanding that God answer us.

God only responds to faith. If we don’t have relationship with Him, rarely pray to Him and barely read the bible, what basis do we have to fully trust Him to answer us? Our faith won’t be strong enough to fully trust God to answer according to His ways. The only thing we have is doubt whether God can get us out of our difficult situation or not.

What makes us trust God if we don’t know Him? Can we trust someone and give our life to a person that we don’t know? Many believers are like that. They call themselves believers but there is no foundation in their faith. God’s ways are higher than our ways. If we don’t have faith and we don’t know how He works, we will always think that He never answer us. His timing is perfect and He would test us sometimes to the point where we think it’s too late to solve our problems.

That’s why we need faith; Faith to endure and fully surrender to Him; faith to be able to say that God is never late and He will surely deliver us; faith to never leave Him no matter what happen; Faith in knowing that He is God and He never goes back on His promises.
Exercise our faith and build relationship with Him!!!

Psalms 91:15

Daily prayer
Lord, I absolutely believe in You and in Your promises. I will learn and grow in the knowledge of You and to have faith fully in You that You reign over all and will be able to deliver me. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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