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In the book of Matthew 19:16-26, there was a rich young man who wanted to be perfect for the kingdom Of God and had done all of God’s commandment except for one thing. He failed to be separated from his wealth and possession. He rejected and left God because of that.

Many believers misunderstood about material things in this world especially money. God does not oppose us having wealth. God only warns us about the feeling of attachment to money and to our possession. Money or material things are just paper that God created for us to use and to live comfortably on this earth. However, humanity get so attached to it that they choose money over the Creator of that money.

It has been proven that for the love of money people kill each other, robbing each other, families broken up, husband and wife fight over their possession, for a piece of paper that God promises He will supply to us as long as we love Him more than money and obey Him. Why would we choose something over the One who created it? Jesus said that it is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; because they are attached to their possession that they would rather die rich than die poor but they forgot that after they die there is an eternity life that they have to live in. This is idolatry. People worship money instead of God and feel that money is everything.

God promise that He will open up the windows of Heaven to those who give their tithing. He said to test Him. It doesn’t mean that everyone who gives tithing will be rich, but it means that we will never lack of anything. Isn’t better that even though we are not rich but when we need something, God will supply? Than having to work very hard to earn so much and cannot enjoy it because either we have broken home, afraid of it being stolen so become paranoid that we spend a lot of it on security, or getting depressed that some people commit suicide when they lost their wealth?

Isn’t life much better when we don’t have much and have no need to worry about anything because we know God will supply all that we need? No need to worry about losing our possession because we are not attached to it. The best thing of them all is that we love God above our possession and that one day we can spend eternity with Him who has everything and created everything. There is no lack in heaven; there is no need for money.

Start from now! Love God instead of loving money. Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added on to us. Get rid of that bethelicnycdbadm of evil, which is the love of money.

1 Timothy 6:10

Daily prayer
Lord I want to love You more than anything and certainly more than money. You created money and so You are way above that. I will acknowledge You with my tithing, giving and sacrifice to show that You are everything to me. You are the One that I need in this life and for eternity. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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