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We believe that the right path to take as believers is the path that God laid before us. God surely will guide us to the right way. However, we are confused many times in which path to take. We feel that God is leading us this way, but then our pastor says different things, our friends recommend us to do something else.

We face problems, challenges and think that maybe the directions of our lives are wrong because there are no way lives should this hard. We take a different direction and try to settle down; but that is our direction. God never promise an easy life but He promise that He will be with us and carrying us through it. Sometimes we are just going around in life because we use our own way of thinking. When things get hard, we change direction, where God’s plan is actually trying to get us through that hurdle and strengthen our characters at the same time.

The only way to do this is to have an intimate relationship with God and let God leading us; not us trying to lead our own life. We will end up as a mess. In the book of Old Testament, God’s presence was always with Israel. He never left them. He was there as a pillar of cloud during the day and pillar of fire during the night. However, just as it was back then, the same thing happens to many believers. Even though God was right there leading Israel every day, yet when troubles came, Israel doubted God. When they had no water, they went to Moses and temp God by asking if God exist. He was right there; in front of their eyes leading them.

We did the same thing too. God is actually trying to lead us through Holy Spirit, through other people, but we are insensitive and cannot recognize God’s help in front of our eyes; because we don’t have a connection with Him. So, every time we face troubles, we would make up our own prophecy and say that God wants us to go in different direction even though God was actually right there and wants us to move forward. Learn from Joseph, he was thrown into a well, sold, accused, thrown into jail, but he trusted God and let God lead him.

Stop relying on ourselves, our mind, and making up our own prophecy and path; build a connection with Him and let God lead us. He is here with us, inside of us, in front of our eyes, trying to get our attention to follow Him.

Exodus 13:21

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I want to know You more. To know all of Your ways, to know Your plan for me and I surrender it all to let You lead my life. I trust in You. Your ways are higher and Your plans are certainly better than mine. Thank You Lord for always being with me. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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