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In my early life as a Christian, whenever somebody ask me to serve the Lord I would always say that I cannot do anything or I am not good enough or I don’t have anything or any skills to serve God. It goes to so many Christians as well. We make so many excuses to not serve the Lord right away either because we are afraid of commitment or we feel that we are not good enough. We feel like we need to have polished skills or great at something to be able to serve God. We try hard to accumulate skills or improving ourselves until we feel good enough to serve Him and by that time we have other excuses whether we don’t have time or we are too busy.

God called out Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt not when he was young, when he had a lot of energy. God did not call him when he was still a prince when he has a lot of skills and knowledge and educated and had power over people. God called him when he was eighty years old which is considered very old in this day of age. God called Moses when he was a shepherd, not a prince.

God called Moses when God think Moses was ready, that he no longer has idea, power and strength of his own, where he was weak according to human eyes, but to God, he would be obedient servant and one who truly depend on God. God called Moses when he no longer has desire of this world but who was content with what he has. God called Moses when he became humble and no longer emotional and filled with anger that could kill others.

Aren’t we all like Moses? We feel inadequate. We feel that we are not good enough. But that’s not the case for God. What the world deem weak, for God is a vessel that He can use. In the book of Exodus chapter 4, when Moses was still trying to convince God not to send him, God ask him what he has in his hand. Did God know that Moses was holding a staff? Of course! Yet, God asked to draw Moses attention to that staff, to let him be aware that God did not need him to have a lot of things to serve him, but God can use whatever little thing we have that may seem like it is absolutely useless.

So, what do you have? Whatever little thing we have, if we can become like Moses: humble, available, dependent of God, may seem weak to the world but have an obedient heart and a heart that loves Him, that is more than enough. Our God is mighty; He doesn’t need us to become great because that means we depend on our own strength. We think that God cannot make us great so we have to become great first in order to help Him. How wrong are we? Let us all be nothing and God be greatest in our live so that we can fully be obedient vessel and humble servant for Him.

Exodus 4:2

Daily prayer
Lord, forgive my way of thinking that I have to be better first in order to serve You. I want it to be the other way around. I want to empty myself so that I can be used by You. Hold my hand and lead Lord. I will walk Your path and do Your will. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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