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Many of us Christians walk this road before and even right now. We have served the Lord, we give all that we have it seems and yet we are struggling with our finances and to provide for our home. We try to give our tithing religiously but in many instances we are doing the opposite. We give our tithing after we use up whatever we have to pay for our bills then use the left over to pay our tithing; if there is any left. We are worried that if we give to the Lord first, we will not have enough for ourselves.

In the book of Luke 4:25-26, Jesus spoke how in Elijah’s time, there were so many widows and yet Elijah was sent to a particular widow in Zarephath. This widow had nothing left except for a little flour and oil. It seems that God had sent Elijah to the wrong widow. Why God would send His servant to someone who had practically nothing? God want to teach us to obey first.

The widow, for her to be able to receive miracle, she had to obey first. She had to give first to the Lord or in this case, a servant of God whom God had sent. She had to set aside what belong to God and then God will take care of her. That requires a leap of faith.

Oil is one of the symbols of Holy Spirit. As the widow had faith in God, that oil continuously pouring out in her life. We have to learn from this. When we obey God first and set aside what belongs to Him first; and one of the examples is tithing; rest assured that God will provide for us. That is faith and God Himself has promise that He would open the windows of heaven and pour out His blessing for those who OBEY HIM FIRST.

When we believe in God and trust in His way, we actually let Holy Spirit to lead us and continuously exert His power through us. Our live is actually led by the Holy Spirit which will guide us into all truth. It will be like oil that never stops pouring. He will bless us and impact others around us.

Obey first!

1 Kings 17:15

Daily prayer
Lord, I have faith in You and I will put You first. I believe that You will provide for me. I pray that the power of Holy Spirit will continuously guide me and lead me to walk in Your path and in Your Truth. I will learn to obey You always. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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