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Our tongue is a little member of the body but the bible says it holds the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). We think so little sometimes of what we have to say. We are filled with this idea of freedom to say whatever we want and we don’t care whether people like it or not. We often are affected by our emotions and say things that are hurtful.

There are times when we are angry we really want to hurt the other persons with our words by calling names, cursing, laid out all of their mistakes for the past ten years. It is like a war with words. Imagine our words are like a hammer. Hammer can be used to destroy things or to build things. When we hit a hammer on a plastered wall, it will leave a huge dent or even a hole depending on how strong we are. We try to patch it up and it looks like a brand new wall. The truth is that wall is not the same. The patched up wall will always be the weakest and it will easily be broken again. It is not a new wall.

Think about this! Our words that are mean, cursing, degrading and mocking others; it hurts other people’s heart. It leaves a huge pain like that wall that is hit by a hammer. No matter what that person try to patch it up, that pain will stay there. The memory of being called out names, and cursed at, yelled at, being called useless and all other things will always hurt whenever those words are brought up again. It can destroy someone’s confidence. That person’s heart is not the same anymore.

Hammer can be used to build. It tightens things, uses nails to make it sturdy. Our words can be used to build up other people. It’s called constructive criticism. Just like a hammer that uses nail, a sharp thing that can hurt; yes! The truth hurt sometimes, but if we say it in a loving way and in a way not to bring people down but to build them up, the result will be amazing. That person is going to be a stronger person.

That’s why best friends can be greatest enemies – from words alone. War can happen – from words. Parents and children no longer on speaking terms, people killing each other. All because of words.

A weak child can become the greatest president – from words. A broken relationship, marriage can be restored again – from words. Peace can be reached between two warring countries – all can happen from words

It is our choice. What kind of hammer do we want to be? To build or to destroy things? Think about our words every time before we speak. Think about the impact our words will have on the other person. Again, the choice is ours. Make the right choice. Jesus, the Word of God is to strengthen us, to guide us and to lead us into the right way.

Proverbs 18:21

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, teach me Your truth so that the words that I speak of is Your words that can help others, strengthen, teach and save others. Help me calm my emotions and grow in my characters so that I don’t easily follow my emotions but looking at things from Your eyes. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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