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When we accept Jesus, our lives change and we want to share His love with everyone. God blesses us and we have to be a vessel and continue that blessing to others so the Name of the Lord shall be glorified.

However after many years, we start to grow weary. Sometimes we face financial trouble or we started counting the money that we gave away and we shocked at how much the amount was. We could have used it for something else, for our own pleasure. Sometimes we gave to the homeless and then we watch them spending it on alcohol or cigarettes and soon we stop giving because we don’t like what they spend our hard earn money on.

Many of us lose our heart: the heart that was so giving, the heart that had compassion to others, the heart that want to be a vessel for the Lord and a blessing. The heart that was full of love and grateful for God’s blessing now starting to turn cold and hard. We don’t realize it because we tend to blame others. We blame the homeless because now they are not worthy to receive our giving because of their spending habit.

If that continues on, sooner or later we stop being blessing for others and God stop blessing us, because everything stuck in our lives. God blesses us so we can be a blessing to others. When that happens, we start complaining to God and think that God doesn’t love us anymore. We open the door for the devil to tempt our mind with doubting thoughts about God. That He doesn’t exist, or He has favorite children or whatever that maybe, there is a chance that we might turn our back to God because we lose our heart.

Do not grow weary in doing good. That is why God said we have to be a cheerful giver. When we give, give it sincerely and believe that we have bless that person. Whatever that person do with our giving, it is up to them. It has now belongs to them. We pray that our giving will change that person life and that he can feel Jesus’ love through our giving.

There are many ways of giving. There is a saying, ‘instead of giving someone fish all the time, give them fishing rod’. If we truly love others, sometimes we have to educate them instead of spoiling them that is giving. We give skills and caring because we are willing to spend our time and energy to educate others. If we truly care about homeless people then do research. Find out where shelters are where they can go and be taken cared of or to turn their life around. If we want to go the extra mile then take them there and follow up to make sure that he truly change his life around.

Do not let our self lose this heart; A new heart that Jesus gives us when we accept Him. This heart that is full of love to Christ and others. A heart that is gentle, forgiving and full of compassion. A heart that wants to spend eternity with Him. so let us guard our heart with due diligence and keep doing good for in due time God will reward us and others will know the love of Christ through us.

Galatians 6:9

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus. Thank You for this heart that You gave. Thank You for blessing me always. I want to be a vessel for You. I pray that Holy Spirit will always help me, strengthen me and guide me to keep me from losing my heart. Help me to always do good for I believe I will reap the reward from You. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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