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Today’s news are filled with wars, homeless, crime rates and all this depressing and negativity surrounding us. The other day, a 3 years old Syrian child by the name of Aylan died drowning and washed ashore on what is supposed to be a better life for him and his family. None of them made it except for the father. Now the world is shocked by that news and started paying attention on this war torn country and its hundreds of thousand refugees who have nothing to eat and desperate for a better life.

We don’t need to look somewhere far away. There are many people who need help around us. We are so consumed on satisfying our own need that we neglect others who are in need. It is written in the bible that at the end times, there will be a great sorrow and tribulation and many will grow cold.

True followers of Jesus need to wake up and should not focus on ourselves. Jesus during His ministry on this earth was moved by compassion to help those around Him and miracles happened following that. In the four books of Gospel, before performing any miracles, it was written that He was moved by compassion.

We claim we have Jesus in our lives; yet, do we move with compassion in our daily life? Do we pay attention to those who need help around us? Do we take an act and not just talk about what Christians are supposed to be? What kind of miracles do we ask? Isn’t sharing the love of God is a miracle in itself? Isn’t miracle if we can forgive those who hurt us? Isn’t a miracle if one person whom we share the love of Christ with repents and accepts Jesus in his life? That is a miracle as the angels are rejoicing over that one soul who was lost and now saved.

Let’s look at our heart and our lives and our activities. Be sure that our loves do not grow cold. If we do, it’s time to repent and ask God to fill us with His love. Jesus is coming soon and we want to share His love by moving with compassion to those in needs in this self absorbed world that we live in now. Believe that miracles will happen that those who receive His love will repent and be saved. That is miracle.

1 Peter 3:8

Daily prayer
Lord. fill me with Your love that I can be compassionate to others in my daily walk. And I believe that whenever I share Your love with those in need, they will feel Your love and accept You Jesus and be saved. Let my love never grow cold regardless of any situation I am in. In the Name of Jesus I pray.×338/16:9/1-peter-3-8-be-tender-humble-and-love-pink_1023531778.jpg