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One of the things that Jesus taught is to give. Give our tithing; give to the poor and giving to others. Giving doesn’t only involve money but it can be in the form of our time, energy, resources, mind, word of advice, ear to listen, shoulder to lean on. That is all giving.

Many people are generous in giving and in amount of money that they donated especially Christians. However, many of us lack in one thing. The heart that is cheerful in giving. God sees the heart, not the amount that we give.

Many of us serve in our church as part of the ministry and yet they are doing it because they feel they suppose to or because they have enough time in their hands. Many of us doing it because we are scheduled to do it and feel ashamed after awhile if we want to quit from our ministry. It becomes a habit and just going through the motion. We feel like we have given enough. God scold people like that and said that their lips praise Him that their heart is far from Him.

Many rich people give to charity and feel like they have done their part and yet they never have interaction with those poor people that they help unless they can gain publicity from it. Many of us can give hundreds or thousands of dollars to an organization that helps the poor but when a homeless person asks for a mere a dollar, we shut our car window or we pretend that we don’t see them. For God, that is not giving.

A busy parent can take their family on a vacation and yet still busy with their phone or business. The physical body maybe there but the heart is not. That is not giving their time. They feel like I have taken my family on vacation and that is enough. Many of us treat giving like duty or a job. As long as we have given, then that is enough.

Giving without love is useless. There is no impact. People can tell the difference and there is no way God can be glorified that way. For God is about love. When Jesus gave His time and energy to help, He was doing it with love, compassion and tenderness that anyone who had interaction with Him will never be the same again.

Give with love as Jesus gives. We are doing it because we love God. We are doing it because we love others. Don’t do it because we want to be praised or respected. That is only earthly reward that we will ever receive. For a matter of the heart is much more important to our God than any amount or sacrifice that we ever give.

2 Corinthians 9:7

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus. I thank you for all the blessings that You have given me. I want to give them all back to You and be a vessel to bless others with a cheerful heart. For I have receive an abundant love from You freely and I will gladly share them with others. Forever I will give You thanks. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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