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The story of Naaman in the book of 2 Kings chapter 5 is something that we can learn. Here is a mighty commander whom by him the Lord gave victory to Syria but he had a leprosy disease. Naaman was furious when Elisha only sent out a messenger to tell him to wash himself in the Jordan river instead of coming out in person. He was a prideful man and had some kind of idea of how a person should be healed according to his own opinion.

Aren’t a lot of us just like Naaman? We believe in the Almighty God and when we need help, we would come to Him whether directly pray to Him or seek His servants such as pastors, evangelists and many others. However, we many times tell God what to do or how He should help our cases instead of God trying to help us in His way. We feel our way is the best and God should do it. That is why many times it seems like God doesn’t help us. it seems like He just stay quiet regarding our situation but what really happen is that God already send His help but we reject it. It was just like Naaman on how he was angry at first and did not want to wash himself in the Jordan river (v.11-12).

We are just like Naaman sometimes; prideful because of our status or what we have accomplished. We feel we are too great to be treated lightly by others. We feel that people should pay homage to us. However, in the case of Naaman, he surrounded himself with people that he trusted even though they were his servants. He made a wise choice by listening to his servant opinion and because of his need, he was willing to humble himself to do what he was told no matter how silly it might seems and he was healed.

It is important for us to surround ourselves with the right people; People who are wise and dare to correct us if we are wrong; People whom we can trust and direct us always to trust in the Lord. We need to learn from Naaman by trusting fully in the Lord and not let our way get in God’s way. His ways are higher than us. His thoughts are unfathomable. We like to complicate things while for God to heal and to help us is very simple that it may look silly sometimes because of how easy it is. His Word alone created the whole universe. Just by His Words alone!!!!.

Trust in Him and His ways. Learn to truly empty ourselves and let God do His work. We are the ones who need help. So let Him help us with His ways. Surround ourselves with people who have the wisdom of the Lord and who can help each other and pray for each other. Such fellowship is very precious.

2 Kings 5:13

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I need You in my life and let Your will be done in my life. I will not ask You to do it my way and I pray that You send the right people, people who love You Lord to be in fellowship with me. Thank You Lord. in the Name of Jesus I pray

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