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We tend to look at other people whether they are still alive or lived before us or through reading a book as a role model. We admire them and trying to emulate them or even become like them in so many ways. The problem is, many times we look at the wrong people. We admire people that we don’t even know. We only see what they do from afar; we don’t even know their personalities or characters. We admire athletes, celebrities, politicians through magazines, books, media, TV and whatever they do, no matter how wrong, in our mind, we tend to think that whatever they are doing is right and we copy them and we mess up our lives.

There are so many things wrong in this world but because society says it’s ok, then it’s ok for us to do it. We are talking about people who call themselves Christian but make friends with acceptable moral of this world. Instead of looking at people of this world as an example, we should look to Jesus as a perfect example. He came to this world as a human being and a poor human being to set an example of the right characters to have, the right attitudes and how to beat sins. He was tempted, suffered and went through everything that we go through and more.

By coming down to this earth and left His deity and lived as a 100% human being, Jesus showed us that we can overcome all the things that pulled us away from God. All the trials and temptations that this world offer to us, no matter how promising they maybe, but they are of the enemies and trying to separate us from God. Jesus experienced pain, sadness, bribery, anger, joy, betrayal, hurt, compassion, tiredness, people being ungrateful, mocking, beating and many more. Yet, He finished the task that the Father set before Him. He beat all of those.

Let us look at to Jesus. The God or the High Priest that we have is not a High Priest that cannot empathize with all of our weaknesses; He was the same as us except without sins. So let us learn from Him, have a relationship with Him, becoming more like Him and we too can overcome our weaknesses and not easily fall into sins.

Hebrews 4:15-16

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, forgive me if all this time I am looking at others or the world as my role models. I pray that the Holy Spirit will lead me always back to You and believe in You that You live inside of me and give me strength and change me to become more like You so that I too, can overcome this world. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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