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We as believers go through this trials and problems in life in what we call process from the Lord. Many believers however do not understand this. Many preachers often only talk about prosperity and that it is all good in the life of believers in following Christ. We don’t like it when we face problems and sometimes burden that we feel is too big for us. We complain to God about it, angry at Him and sometimes some of us left Him. We try to find shortcuts to solve our problems. We avoid it or depend on other people to solve our problems.

We Christians are the most blessed people on earth if we realize it. In 2 Corinthians 1:10, Paul said that we have been saved, that is Jesus died on the cross so that we may live and have connection with the Father and receive eternal life. We are being saved, that is we are being processed to live in righteousness and our characters are being changed through those process in life to be like Jesus, so that we are able to live holy and enter into the kingdom of heaven. We will be saved, that is He will pick us up, those who are worthy to be His bride on His second coming and on the judgment day where God will say to us that we have been a good and faithful servant.

When God allows problems and trials to process us, for us to go from point A to B. it is about when we reach point B, but does the journey that God laid for us to get there change us? If not, then we will have to go through it again. It is not about whether we accomplish the task that God set before us, because it won’t matter if we accomplish it using our own method. If Joseph had to go though his life some other way to become the second most powerful man in Egypt, he would not be the same person as if he had to go through life being sold and thrown into jail. Those processes are important because God wants us to be a person that He created us to be when we get to the end.

If we do not refuse to work together with someone because he keeps testing our patient and instead we chose other people to work with to get the job done, while God actually wants us to work with that annoying person so at the end when the job is done, we will become more patient. Then God will put us with another annoying person to work with until we are willing to work with annoying person so that we can be better.

Process is very important. Do not avoid it, but gratefully accept it and thank the Lord because it will only make us better. When we have that kind of attitude, it will shape our character and battle ready to face anything. It will have positive impact on those people around us.

2 Corinthians 1:10

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, give me the joy and the strength to face my process and I believe it will only make me a better person. The one thing I know and I am holding on to is that You will always be with me through all that. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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