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We as believers know that the Bible contains the Word of God and that it is beneficial for us. It should be the only book where we truly build our lives and character upon. We know that the enemy, the devil will do anything so that we don’t have time to read it or too lazy and take the focus of our lives away from it, and yet we let them succeed. We let the enemy tactics pull us away from it.

The Word of God is great to correct us, to shape our character to be like Jesus and to live in righteousness. Although we know about all of this and yet we don’t have the determination to learn it, seek it, pursue it or if we do, we don’t apply it to our everyday life. It is just like another book that we read.

I was a believer for many years and every year I would finish reading the Bible from front to back. But, that was it. I was reading it just for the sake of reading the bible and complete it within a year time. I did not truly meditate on it or think about it. It was just like a bed time reading before I go to sleep. My life did not change that much until I truly change my attitude about it and the way I think about the Word of God. I realized that for me to be shaped and changed to be more like Jesus, I had to have the discipline in meditating on it and truly seek all the revelation of the Word and apply it in my everyday life. I can tell you how much it changes my life and I can’t stop reading it now.

The Word of the Lord is boundless and powerful. As we go deeper and our relationship with God become more intimate, God will reveal a lot more secret depending on our faith even on the same verse that we read the year before. That is the beauty of the Word of the Lord. People who claim that they stop reading the bible because they have finished it and gain a complete understanding of it are truly foolish and they will stop growing.

The Word of God is alive because it is Jesus Himself. He was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and became flesh. So, it is a living Word that gives us live. It speaks to us, It teaches us, It guide us, It is living in us, It strengthen our faith, It helps us through every problems and circumstances in our lives, It is everything that we need.

Change our attitudes; seek the Word of God like it is a hidden treasure that is so precious that you cannot live without it.

2 Timothy 3:16

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I believe in Your Word and that is a living and powerful Word that will change my life. Holy Spirit strengthens me in seeking the Truth and applies it in my life. Let the Truth shaped me and change me to become more like You Jesus. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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