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We know the story on how Jacob received his blessings in Genesis 27. He deceived his father Isaac and his brother Esau and received something that was not actually for him. In his early life, Jacob knew the important of blessings that flows from Abraham to Isaac and he wanted that unlike Esau that did not think much about how important birth right and the blessing of God were. The question is, was that ok what Jacob did in order to receive that blessing?
Even though Jacob received that blessing, his life was not exactly great after that. In fact, the reality from that blessing was far away from the reality of his life. He had to run away from Esau and became a fugitive. He had to travel 400 miles through deserts. He had nothing and when he got to his uncle’s place Laban, he had to work for him for almost nothing. His salary was changed 10 times. He was deceived by Laban; instead of Rachel that Jacob wanted to marry, he was given Leah instead. Jacob did not have an easy life after he received that blessing, and God knew that. It was His plan as God has said that He would always be with Jacob.

It was not until Jacob met with God and wrestle with Him and His name was changed to Israel that Jacob was able to enjoy his blessings. He reconciled with Esau and Laban. He did not need to live in fear anymore. All of that happened after Jacob had been processed for years in the run, he became a changed man, an honest man that humbled himself to his brother and his uncle. He was then realized that receiving blessings alone was not enough if he did not encounter God and received blessings from God directly. Jacob realized that he needed to depend on God and not on his mother or himself. After all that then God saw that Jacob now is ready to be blessed and to be a person that God created him to be: The father of 12 tribes of Israel.

We have to realize that in order for us to enjoy God’s blessing, we have to let Him work in our life to change us and process us until He deem us ready. A change is needed in our life. We must have that same desire like Jacob to seek God and when we encounter Him, we would not give up until He changes and blesses us. We have to truly depend on Him 100 percent as everything comes from Him. Otherwise we will struggles through this life like Jacob in his early life.

Be happy with the process of God. Let Him change us for it is for our own good.

Genesis 32:28

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, bless me o Lord with Your grace and your kindness and I will not live my life without You being with Me. I want to be changed and I will depend on You alone. Forever I will praise You and worship You. In the Name of Jesus I pray

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