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The world teaches us to be the boss over others and when we do, we have to exercise our authority upon them and rule upon them. People in the world at any second ready to pounce on each other, they would use any means necessary to be on top even it means cheating and all for the sake just to be great by the world standard. They want to be measured by their position, their possessions and how many people would do their jobs at the snaps of their fingers. They rule with arrogance and ruthless. People in the world don’t realize at how fragile the things that they build. All those things can crumble in a second, people have no loyalty and they stab each other’s back as soon as they get the chance to do it. People just don’t realize this and yet they spend every ounce of their energy building something that will fade, which is only for temporary.

Jesus teaches us that in order for us to be great; we have to be a servant. Does that mean we cannot have a high position? Does that mean a low wage? Do we let others ordering us around? That’s not it. If we are in Christ that means we have to lead others to Christ; into salvation. We have to be able to lead, but leading with servant’s attitude. We don’t abuse our authority but we lead by example and humility. We don’t tell others to do things that we ourselves do not want to do it because it is too dirty of a job or we are too good for it.

Jesus came and sits with prostitutes, tax and debt collectors that were considered sinners. He touched and healed lepers whom at that time were cast out and no one would even talk to them and yet Jesus showed compassion and mercy. Jesus would travel from villages to villages to heal the sick and spread the good news. He would walk in hunger, He fasted, He was tired and yet He served others. He washed His disciples’ feet; He did not ask to be treated like a king. He was not acting like a diva.

The biggest serving He did was dying on the cross for undeserving people like us. The result is that His Kingdom is being built on this earth and will not perish. He has loyalty from His followers and He is building eternal Kingdom.

Yet here we are acting like a king, full of demand, complain too much just because of little volunteer work that we do. Learn from Jesus. Have a humble heart and serve, not because we wanted to be rewarded but because we want to build His Kingdom and build something eternal that will not crumble and fade. Let others see that when we serve, they will see Jesus through us. This world will be so much better when people serve each other and put other first instead of selfishness because that’s where evil intention rises when we try to fulfill our own desire and satisfaction.

Be great! Be a servant!

Matthew 20:26

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, teach me to have a heart like You that I may serve others and build Your Kingdom upon this earth. Teach me to be humble and that people may see You through me. In the Name of Jesus I pray.