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In the book of 1 Kings 17:8-18, The Lord told Elijah to go to Zarephath and there the Lord proclaimed that He has commanded a widow to feed Elijah. The most surprising thing was when Elijah got there, the widow had no idea who Elijah was and that she was supposed to feed him. She did not even believe in the Lord that Elijah and all of us worship. Did God made a mistake? Did He forget to tell that widow that His prophet would see her and need to be fed?

Did we ever feel that way where it seems like God just forget about us? Forget about our business? Let’s look at from the widow’s perspective. She must have a tough life. She had no husband, only a kid and she had nothing else. She only had a little food left and that would be it for her and her child. And now, even that little food that she had must be given to somebody else. Some of us probably experience those moments in life, where nothing is going right and the only good thing is now being taken away. Is God at fault?

God created us perfectly and He wrote our life what is supposed to be. It is just along the way, we chose to distance ourselves from Him, and we made wrong choices that pulled us away from God. It is like that widow. God created her and He knew that the time would come where she would have to feed Elijah. That is why God said that He has commanded that widow to feed Elijah eventhough God never actually spoke to her. He has written her life from the beginning and knew that this would happen. She made the right choice to do it and because of that, her life was saved from physical and spiritual death. She was then believed in the Lord.

In life, sometimes we did not walk in the path that God laid out for us. However, God is faithful, He would constantly try to save us and pull us back to Him. It was the same as that widow, God sent Elijah to save her from dying from lack of food and by doing that the name of the Lord is known and glorified and she became believer.
Open our eyes and look at everything that happen and every person that we interact with. Nothing is ever a coincidence. God can use any circumstances and people to change us and to draw us closer. Pay attention and answer His call. Don’t ever feel like God forget about us and leave us in a rut. Either we are Elijah or that widow, take up the calling of God. Respond to Him. Obey Him and we will see that God works wonders in our lives.

Psalms 139:14-16

Daily prayer
Lord, marvelous are Your works. You have written my life long before I was formed. I pray that Your Holy Spirit will always guide me to walk in Your path and fulfill all that You have created me for. In the Name of Jesus I pray.