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Problems and troubles seem to always come our ways. We try to live holy and righteous and abide in the Lord and follow all His commandments, yet it seems like sometimes He is far away and His help doesn’t come fast enough to our liking. Is that true? Does the Lord forget about His people who are waiting for help and answers from Him. Are we one of them who feel like we are waiting in vain?

Abraham was 75 years old when the Lord first called Him out and to go to the land that God would show him. There was no mention about the way Abraham lived before that. But for Abraham to be chosen by God as father of a nation, he must have pleased the Lord with His life. However, instead of answering Abraham’s prayer about having children, God waited 75 years before He told Abraham about him having children and not only that, Abraham had to leave his land, his comfort and go into the unknown. Was his waiting in vain?

Abraham had faith in God, otherwise God would not chosen him. However, He is still a normal human being. He believed in the promise of God in Genesis 15:6 and God counted to him for righteousness and yet he too, used his own strength and tried to help the Lord. He took Hagar as his wife to bore children for him but that was not the child that God had promised him. He lied to the Egyptian and told them that Sara is his sister for he was afraid. That is why Abraham had to wait another 25 years before Isaac was born. He just could not wait on God’s promises.
God is never late. It is that simple. Even though Abraham was 100 years of age when Isaac was born, he still had strength and enough life to enjoy with his son. Even though Abraham would never knew how big of a nation his descendant would be, but God never forsake his inheritance and his promise to Abraham.

Check our lives. Are there many things where instead of waiting on the promise of the Lord, we become impatient and try to do things our way and delay His promises even longer? Believe in God that His promises will come to pass and that our wait is NEVER in vain. God knows best and jut enjoy our wait on His promises. It will cause us to depend solely on Him and we can never spend enough time with Him while we wait. His promises will come true. Whatever we ask for as long as it will glorify Him and according to His will, IT WILL COME TRUE

Psalms 42:11
Psalms 94:14

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, forgives me for being impatient. Teach me to solely depend on You and truly believe that Your promises will come to pass and let Your will be done in my life. In Jesus mighty name I pray.

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