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We believe that Jesus is the Truth and the bible says let the Truth sets us free. For those of us who believe in Him, when we accept Him, He freed us form sins, form bondage and that now we can freely and boldly come to His throne. Our relationship with the Father is now reconciled by Jesus’ sacrificed.

The problem is many believers stop right there. They feel it is not necessary to learn about the Word of God since they already believe in Him and that is enough. There lies our problem. Our enemies are the devil, the temptation of this world and our own pride. Without knowing the Truth further, we would be easily deceived and pulled away from God and go back to the way we used to be.

John 8:31-32 says that if we hold on to His teaching then we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. That is the secret, is that we have to hold on or in other word keep learning, dissect, meditate, get revelation from His teaching and the more we know, the more will be set free from all things that corrupt our mind and chain us. An example: technology keeps evolving and if we don’t learn, there is no way we can keep up. Older people are having trouble finding job nowadays or facing layoffs because they don’t want to learn. They hold on to their old ways and they are not going anywhere in life.

We should not think that because the bible is written over 2000 years ago that it becomes obsolete. God is mighty and His Words are everlasting and always relevant. It doesn’t matter whether we live 1000 years ago or for someone who is going to read it 1000 years from now. His Words will free us and help us face this life. It is now just a matter of how much we know and if we are willing to learn. It is a lifetime and never ending study with God. Even if we spend our whole life learning about His Words we will never graduate and fully grasp Him.

If we want to succeed in this life, never stop learning. Humble ourselves. Only arrogant people and Mr. “know it all” will never get anywhere in life. Because knowledge will keep evolving, devils will always find new ways to make us fail; problems will get bigger and never ends. So, keep studying!!!, how much we know will determine how much of ourselves being freed from bondage. There are parts of our lives, our hearts that we are not even aware that is in bondage.

John 8:31-32

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I want to learn about Your Words so that I will be set free. Keep me humble and hunger and thirst for You. I believe that Your Words are relevant and powerful and it will guide me to live this life in a way that You want me too. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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