winning even though we are losing

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winning even though we are losing

It is interesting to note that no one, not one sane person likes to lose over everything. If we can, we want to get our ways and gain whatever we desire and laid our eyes upon. However, that is just not the way with the Lord. If we always quarrel and fight for everything and think that we are right, that goes to show that we insist on our own will and desire and using our own strength to fight for our right instead of depending on the Lord and counting His blessing. It shows that we deny God’s kindness by ultimately saying that what He gives us aren’t enough.

Isaac, in the book of genesis showed how much he trusted the Lord with his life. There was a famine in the country where he stayed. There wasn’t enough food to eat and since they were farmers, it means the conditions to plant were not ideal. As a human being that has family to feed, it is natural for Isaac to be worried and take action. The action that he took however was trusting the Lord and His commandment. God asked Him to stay in that barren land and to plant. Can you imagine planting on a dry land, no water and he could have second guessed God’s order. One thing that Isaac had though, he had a personal encounter with God when he was being sacrificed. He knew that God exist and that He can trust Him. So, he sowed on that barren land, and God blessed Him until he became very prosperous.

Isaac had the right to a well that Abraham left him, but the Philistines envy him and took over that well. This happened many times, wherever Isaac moved and dug a well, God blessed him and it produced water but the philistines would just take it over again and again. The Philistines, however, watched firsthand how God was always with Isaac and blessed him and they were afraid of him. They declared that truly God of Isaac was great and always with him.
Isaac could have been angry at God that he was the one who has to give up his rights to his father’s well and it seems like he was losing the battles all the time. God loved him and blessed for Isaac obeyed God and God showed Isaac that because of God’s grace, blessing and protection, Isaac became wealthy, prosperous and powerful that others fear him, even though it looked like he was losing.

We need to learn from Isaac. If we trust the Lord then we should depend on His provision; don’t depend on our own sight and look at our situation and thinks that God is no longer with us because we are being pushed around, because we are losing over what is our right. God always has the best plan for us, but He wants to see our obedience and in due time God will lift us up for all to see how mighty our God is. With God, we will always win, even when we lose.

Genesis 26:12

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, help me to trust You like the way Isaac did. To truly obey You and that I will not look at my situation and how helpless it is but instead I will always look at You and know how mighty You are and that I am blessed by You. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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