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Proclaim God’s blessing

Throughout the book of Genesis, we read how God blesses Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that they will be blessed and be made into a great nation and that through them all nations will be blessed. We are by faith are the descendants of Abraham and we have the right to proclaim God’s blessing upon them.

Jacob knew how important God blessing was and he, through trickery received that blessing that was supposed to be for Esau. Jacob knew that God is almighty and that He always keeps His promises. This unwavering belief in God that prompted Jacob to take risk being killed by his own brother, but Jacob would not stop at anything to receive God’s blessing.

We, as the inheritance of God’s blessing and promises do not need to use trickery to receive God’s promises. Jesus sacrifice on the cross has reconciled our relationship with God and make us His own sons and daughters, the chosen ones, His own special people that we may proclaim on His promises.

When Jacob was on the run and he went to a place where he eventually named it bethel (Genesis 28), he met the Lord and received the Lord’s blessing and promises. He did not stop there however, Jacob made a vow where he would make the Lord as his one and only God and would give a tenth of whatever the Lord gave him as worship to Him that God always protect him.

There are 4 promises that we can learn from Jacob’s vow that are more than enough for us:
1. God will always be with us and will never leave us nor forsake us
2. God will protect us on our ways, in every step that we take
3. God will provide everything that we need. Not what we want
4. God will bring us back home to His house, to spend eternity with Him.

Proclaim on God’s promises the way Jacob did. Do not doubt, as there is no lies and no shadow of doubt whatsoever in our God. Be faithful and make Him as the only God over our lives.

Genesis 28:20-21

Daily prayer
My God, I thank You for Your presence, protection and provision in my life. I proclaim Your blessing and promises be poured out over my life and that I will worship You with my sacrifices and my obedience and I will be faithful until You bring me home to You again. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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