God’s best laid plan

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God’s best laid plan

One day, God just told Abraham to pack up his bags and belongings and go to a place where he would show him and that God would bless him and make him great among nations. There was no detailed plan given to Abraham. There was no place mentioned or what kind of place, how long he had to walk and what he had to do. God just simply said to pack up your bags and go.

God gave a great dream to Joseph where his parents and brothers bow down to him. He was destined for greatness and that God would use him. God never told him any of that on how to achieve it or what he had to do. Instead he had to go through so much hardship to eventually making those dreams into realization.

Many times in life God told us to do something or gave us a dream and yet there is nothing else. We believe that God’s plans are the best for us but many times we have no clue whatsoever what His plans are. There are no details, no laid out plans or steps for us to get there. It seems like there is a goal in front of us that God has set before us but to get there we have to walk through the darkness and blindly.

God is doing that to train us to trust Him fully and to see whether we will obey Him no matter what. He is doing that so we will ask Him and talk to Him, consult Him, depend on Him one hundred percent on every step that we take and ask Him on every turn that we have to make.

If God told us a detailed plan and we can see our life years ahead. We will start calculating and we can say to God: it’s alright Lord, I know where I am going, I can get there. We will stop relying on Him. There will be a broken connection. We will utilize our own strength and somewhere down the road, we might think that God’s plan is not good for us. If Joseph knew that he would be thrown into a well, be made a slave, thrown into jail, even though he knew he would become number 2 man in Egypt. He would have said no to God and ask Him to give him a different route. If that happened, God could not process him and prepare him to become a humble yet a powerful man. He would not have forgiven his brothers.

So, do not question God. Follow Him even though we feel like a blind man. Learn to trust in Him at every step. He has the best laid plan for us. Not only the goal which will be great, but we as a person will be processed as well to become more like Him. If only we trust Him.

Jeremiah 29:11

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I believe that You have laid out the best plan for me. Teach me to rely on You with all that I am, to not doubt You and obey Your every commandment because I know that You Lord, thought of the very best things for me. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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