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Confirmation from God

We are faced with many situations in our lives that require us to make decisions every single time. We believe that God has a plan for us and He speaks to us to guide us in making the right decisions. We however are confused so many times which decisions that we make are the right ones and according to God’s will. We are hesitating in our steps, doubting the outcome of many decisions that we make and after that we also regret the outcome of those decisions. So, how can we know which decisions are to make?

In Genesis chapter 24, Abraham decided to choose a bride for his son, Isaac, but he did not go himself and instead sent out his oldest servant from his house. The servant was afraid, hesitating and felt helpless. Abraham just said that he must bring back a wife, whom Abraham and neither Isaac never saw, and it must be according to what they want. Abraham just said that the angel of the Lord would be before him and guide him there.

Can you imagine this poor servant who had to go to a country far away to find a bride for his master? These thoughts must have crosses his mind; what if I chose the wrong girl? What if no one wants to come back with me? What if when I bring one, my master would reject it? What if I fail? That journey must have been a scary one especially for a servant.

He did however one thing that is for sure that helps him out. He prayed to God and asking for a confirmation. He was very specific of what he wanted to happen and if that happened then God sent him the right bride for Isaac. If that did not happen then God did not want the women that he met as Isaac bride. God did exactly what the servant prayed for as a confirmation. He succeeded in His mission. Rebekah was the one that God created to be Isaac bride.

God has a plan for each one of us, a specific person and event that supposed to happen in our lives. We often ask God for confirmation but we did not ask specifically. Then when God did not give confirmation, as a sign that we should not go ahead with our plans or decisions, we still go ahead with it and uses our own mind and plans. We ask God and when He answers by not giving the confirmation, we ignore it. It’s like our mind made up to just go ahead with whatever we have decided.

Learn to ask God for confirmation by asking for specific things. Learn to change our plan when He said no or did not answer it. God always answer us with yes, no or wait. Learn to obey

Genesis 24:12-14, 40

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, teach me to obey You and follow You to the very detail of Your commandments. Teach to ask confirmations from You and wait patiently for Your reply. I believe that You always hear and answer my prayers. Teach my heart to obey You. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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