All things work together for good

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All things work together for good

In this life people face many ups and downs and because of that, they don’t believe in Jesus. They think if there is God, He should always keep us away from the downturns, problems, the pits and the valleys of life. People are questioning that God exist because many evil things are happening in this world that they see with their eyes.

We, on the other hand, as believers should never feel that way. We know that God has a master plan for us. We know that He holds our lives in His hand and nothing that happens will happen without His knowledge; and yes, that is including the pain, the troubles that we have to go through. We must believe that God’s plan for us is the best and that is a plan to prosper us and all of those things that happen, good and bad, is to make us into His image, to fulfill our purpose, to do His wills and to bring glory to His Name.

Joseph realized this when his brothers confronted him and asked him for forgiveness for all the things that they have done (Genesis chapter 37-50). Yet, for all the sufferings that Joseph had to go through, God was always with Him and made him prosperous wherever he was, even in jail for he found favor in God’s eyes. He forgave his brothers and saying that they meant evil but God meant it for good to save many people’s lives.

Sadly, we know this that God meant everything for the greater good and yet when troubles come we don’t like it, we complain and bolted and run to the other direction. We leave God and don’t believe that is for our good.

Trust in Him. God knows what He is doing and it is all will be revealed after we go through those troubles WITH THANKSGIVING. We will see that His plans are never meant to harm us even though we can’t see it. That is called FAITH. Believe in God in through everything and in everything. We will see how it all unfolds and that He never leaves us, not even for one second. He gives us strength and comfort when we have to go through pain. He is a wonderfully good God.

Genesis 50:20
Romans 8:28

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I believe that all things work together for good to those who love You. Give me strength to go through this lives and all its troubles for I know it is for my own good and to do Your will, to fulfill my purpose and to bring glory to Your Name. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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