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Sacrificial love

We are created to love and be loved. However, human with their selfishness twisted the meaning of word love. Instead we are filled with lust, with our own desire to please ourselves and jealousy. Many people are hurt and hurting each other because of love. That should not be the case if we truly know the meaning of love.

Jesus was and is the perfect example of love. He sacrificed Himself FOR ALL and yet we are the ones who reject Him. He died for us while we were still sinners. He accepted us as who we are, sinners, broken, messed up and lost. He taught and showed us what and how love should be.

Millions of people reject Him and His love and if only they know that they are rejecting themselves and their own salvation. By rejecting Jesus, they deny themselves any chance of salvation; they deny themselves of their own purpose and why they are created because they can only find that by having Jesus in their life to guide them. They deny themselves of living holy and saving others. They deny themselves of who they truly are because only in Him will we ever know. We are redeemed, forgiven, accepted, saved, Children of God, more than conquerors, inheritors of the promise of God, His brides, the chosen ones, light and salt of the world. We are loved by One and only faithful God.

Come to Him and do not wait. Accept Him. Many think that we have to make ourselves right and holy first before we come to God. That will never happen. Without Him, we are slaves to sin and we have no choice. Jesus loves us as who we are and invite us to accept Him now and His love will change our lives. We can love others the way Jesus loves us if we have Him inside of us and let Him reign over our lives.

It is not easy even to die for righteous people, but maybe for good people, someone is willing to die for them. But God demonstrated His love by giving up His Son to die for us, the wicked, the unrighteous, undeserved, ungodly and unholy. That is the love of Christ.

Romans 5:7-8

Daily prayer
Lord, I deeply thank You for Your love that You have shown to us. Help me to understand that You truly accept us and save us even though we do not deserve it. Change my heart and fill me with Your love that I can show that to others that they may come to know Christ and accept Him. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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