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Problem people

In this life we encounter many people that we don’t like. They only create problems in our lives and we think that it will be great if they all disappear. We avoid them or try very hard to have minimal contact with them. We think and pretty sure they think that each of us is always right and the others are wrong and they are the ones that need to change.

The problem is wherever we go or no matter how hard we try to avoid them or just by being quiet, we always meet with these kinds of people. It seems they are everywhere. Well that is one of God’s way in processing us, in purifying us and shaping us in our characters to become more and more like Him which we were created in the beginning.

If we say we are patient then how would we know if we truly are one unless we encounter people that test our patience? If we say we are loving people then how would we know if we don’t encounter people who are unlovable? If we say do not gossips then what happen when we are in a group of people talking about others?

We can only know about ourselves in God by letting Him shape us through these encounters. Only then we can learn how to grow. When others irritate us, if we fail, then we know we still need to grow and by meeting these kinds of people and learn to be patience, as one of the example, then we can truly call ourselves patience people.

People sharpen each other in their characters. God uses others to help us to grow to become more like Him. Do not run away, but always in every situation, ask the Lord, what is it that He wants us to learn? There is always a lesson in every situation. God does not let things happen without a reason. There is always a purpose and result behind every person that we meet.

Proverbs 27:17

Daily prayer

Lord Jesus, teach me to know what You want me to learn from every person that I meet. I believe there is a purpose in everything and that Your hand will always guide my life. Teach me to become more like You. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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