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Move Forward

Have you ever seen a lot of old people just sitting around day after day after day and they only thing they do is having conversation among themselves and tell stories to whoever willing to listen? Many old people are bitter and living in resentment. A lot of older people love to talk about the past; they have so many stories to tell, to brag or hatred toward someone that they just cannot let go. They are living in the past.

This is becoming a trend however among many young people. They would talk about how their dad used to be great at something or better at others. They themselves would start comparing things. How their family used to be rich, or how when they were little they had happier times with their family, or how their previous job was better than their current job. How their friends in the past hurt them so much and they cannot let it go.

These are poisons to our souls, the invisible chains that slow us down to move forward, the big burden that we carry around, the hands that keep pulling us from having a better future. Do we ever wonder why we stay where we are or we become who we are now and worsen than before?

People are saying:”I used to be great at this” or “this is the only thing that I am good at” “I wish I can go back to my old job” and so on. Instead of embracing the present and asking God to give us wisdom and knowledge at the present challenges, we want our glory years back, we want to achieve what we have achieved in the past, we want to be little children again where our parents provide everything for us and we don’t have to lift a finger, we want to stay as babies again and having no responsibilities.

That is why people stay where they are at; struggling to cope with the present because they cannot let go of the past, instead of embracing the process that God put them through to mature. God will make that process longer until we succeed. It is like Israelite people when they were being freed. It should only take 11 days to go to the promised land, but since they were holding on to their years in Egypt, it took them 40 years; and those were the new generation who reach the promised land, not the older people who left Egypt. They died without ever reaching the promised land because they keep holding on to their past where they were SLAVES. God freed them for better future but they just could not let go of their past.

Don’t be like them! Embrace God’s process in your life! Let go of the past and move forward to your promised land that God has given to you.

Philippians 3:13-14
Daily prayer

Lord Jesus, I pray that You give me strength to move forward to the bright future that You have promised me. Give me strength to forget about my past and believe that You have great things in stored for me. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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