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Helping God

We believe that God created us with a purpose. God put us on this earth to do His will. We are not here to just try to live comfortably or going through the motions and do our own thing. Many Christians who have connection with God had found out what our purpose are but for many others so called “Christian” who do not have intimate relationship with God, living this life aimlessly and wasting the gifts that God gives them.

Abraham was known as the father of faith for he believed in the promise of God and willing to sacrifice his own son for he believed that God will raise him from the dead. He waited for 25 years for his own son, Isaac , to be born. That is a very long time. However, if we looked at Abraham’s life, we should wonder why God made him wait for God’s own promises for 25 years? Did God not have compassion for people who love him like Abraham whose desire is to have children?

10 years after the Lord said to Abraham that He would make him and his descendant to be a great nation, Abraham, at the suggestion of Sarah, his wife, took Hagar as his wife whom then borne him a child called Ishmael. This shows a doubt in Sarah’s heart as well as Abraham for following his wife suggestion at God’s promise to them. They decided to take action on their own to help God in fulfilling His promise to them. That doubt cost them many more years before they can have their own son. Their impatient and their decision to take action on their own impacted their lives and their generations to come.

Many of us are doing the exact same thing. We often are too impatient to wait the promise of God and decided to take our own action to help God speed things along. We show our disbelief in God, even though our mouth says that we believe in Him but our action shows otherwise. This causes God to delay His promise to us as a process to train us to fully trust Him without any doubts.

God doesn’t need our help. We are the ones who need Him like the air that we breathe. Don’t ever think that our mind and power actually matters in helping Him. Trust in Him fully. His timing is perfect no matter what we think. Don’t let our own desire and other circumstances making us doubting Him. He is faithful and He always fulfills His promises.

Genesis 16:1-2

Daily prayer
Lord, forgives me if all this time I doubt You with my own actions. I believe that Your Words and Your promises are true and You always fulfill them. I trust You Lord with all my heart and my life. Let my decisions and actions only come from Your commandments. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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