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God’s provision

We know that we need to work to live on this earth. Many of us who believes in God know this in our head that God will supply all that we need, and yet in reality our lives do not reflect that at all. We strive and struggle to make ends meet. We sacrifice our family time, our prayer time, our fellowship with God, we skip church for the chance to earn a few more dollars to fulfill our wants.

The word ‘surrender to God” and “God will supply our need become a mantra for us. When will we learn and fully trust in Him? The story of Israel when they were hungry and complain to God in the dessert, God supplied them with quails at night and manna (bread from heaven) in the morning. There is a rule however that every person should gather enough only for their family and on the sixth day, they can gather twice as much for that day and the next day which is the seventh day.

However, human being greedy and collected more than what God commanded them. They did not trust God that they would get manna again the next day. The left over became rotten and stank and from it came worms. God supply us enough and as long as we sanctify the Sabbath or the seventh day and use that day to celebrate the goodness of God. He supplies us with enough. That is the miracle of God. The manna that they collected for the sixth day which was twice the amount stayed fresh on the seventh day but not any other day. God is telling us that He will takes care our need if we trust HIM. If we dare to rest on the seventh day, like God rested on the seventh day when He created heaven and earth and He blessed it, then our lives will be blessed too. (Genesis 2:2-3)

God hates greediness. The left over manna that Israel collected produced worms and it stank. It describes the conditions of our heart when we think that God does not give us enough and we work hard using our own strength to fulfill our needs. Those worms are the greediness in our heart which God hate. It shows our disbelief in Him. It shows that we doubt on His power and His joy in loving us and giving us what we need. He loves to take care of us. God truly loves us.

Don’t be greedy. Trust Him. Sanctify the seventh day for Him only. Go to church and seek Him and we will see that He never goes back on His promises and supply us with everything that we need. Don’t let worms grows in our heart. Don’t let our heart stink in front of Him.

Exodus 16:15-24
Philippians 4:19

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, forgives me if all this time I doubt that You love to give us what we need. Forgives us of our greediness and let us fully trust in You that You will supply all that we need according to Your riches and glory. I will sanctify the Sabbath to celebrate Your goodness. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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