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God’s given abilities

A lot of us feel sometimes like there are so many things that we cannot do. We feel like we don’t have enough talents or abilities even to just go through our daily live. Everybody wants to be successful and yet it seems like we have no idea how to be successful. There lies the problem. Success is relative to each individual. For some, having a lot of money is successful. For others, having a happy family is successful. What about for us as a Christians?

God said seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added on to you. Success in the eyes of God is where we could find Him, the ultimate treasure; that is God who is waiting for us to be found. Success is where at the end when we meet Him, He would call us by our names and tell us that we are faithful and good servant and we can live eternity with Him. If we focus our effort in seeking God then everything else on this earth, He would give to us and take care of us. We might not become overly rich but we will be able to overcome whatever the enemy is throwing at us and live faithfully to Him. That is a success.

When God put Adam in the Garden of Eden, He said that he will have dominion over all this earth and to manage that Garden. Now, was Adam born as a gardener? Did he ever go through college on how to deal with different kind of animals and plants? He did not. It means that God gave Adam creativeness and natural abilities to be able to do all of that. God, when He created Adam, He put those abilities inside of him to conquer this earth, to manage all of those. It shows over the centuries how men able to find electricity, create cars, build buildings, lighters, able to utilize gas and countless others that make us live comfortably as we are now. It was there inside of us. God put those abilities inside those men so they can invent all of those things.

We have those abilities too. We can conquer this earth as long as we are not lazy and able to tap into those abilities and creativeness that God has given inside of us. The only way to do that is to connect with God and ask Him to reveal and enable us to use them, just like Adam did. He was in constant fellowship with God and that is how he was able to manage Garden of Eden by himself.

Do not ever think that God just created us and then neglect us without equipping us with something more. He loves us and wants us to be successful. Connect with Him and He will show us.

Genesis 1:28-29
Genesis 2:15

Daily prayer
Father, I believe You have equip me to conquer this earth. I will seek You more than anything, to have a relationship with You, walk daily in Your will and I believe You will release all those potentials, creativeness and abilities within me for me to use to the fullest. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

image source: http://bibleencyclopedia.com/kjvsmall/KJV_Genesis_1-28.jpg