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God’s desire

We believe that God is the beginning and the end. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is everlasting. In the book of Genesis, it shares how God created heaven and earth and all living things. All was good until God created human and He said it was very good.

God with all His power could create anything. There is nothing impossible for Him. Yet He created us in His own image. It doesn’t mean we are equal to God and we can grasp all about Him. It just means that God now has creatures that He can actually talk to. He created us so that He can have fellowship with us. That is why He created us in His image. He created others such as angels that are eternal and yet He still created us. It is God’s desire to have relationship with people. If He doesn’t want to do that He could just finish His creation up to all animals.

If we ever think that God does not love us or cares about us. That is the proof right there. He was sad when Adam fell into sin. A loving God was regretting ever created human that He wiped them all except for Noah. God was heartbroken that His own creation according to His image denying His existence, behaving like animals, ignoring His commandments, and did not care about Him at all. God wants us to live holy and abide in Him so that He can continue having relationship with us. If God doesn’t care about us, He would not save Noah, He wouldn’t bless Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, He even blessed the animals of this earth to be fruitful and to multiply.

He loves all of His creations and the one that He holds dear the most is us whom He created in His image. That is the highest honor that we should ever realize. We have the same image as God; The One who created us.

Do not wait any longer. Come to Him, talk to Him. Open your heart to our God. He loves us and we are so precious in His eyes. He is longing for us to come and talk to Him. He wants us to tell all of our problems to Him. He wants us to love Him and follow Him. He sent His Son to die so that we can be reconciled with Him. Our God wants us, He misses us, He is reaching for us and waiting for us.

Don’t harden your heart. COME TO HIM

Genesis 1:27

Daily prayer
Father, forgives me if all this time I have been ignoring You. I believe that You love me and I love You. I want to have a relationship with You. I am forever thankful that You Lord saved me and that I may be reconciled with You. Thank You Lord. In the Name of Jesus I pray

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