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Resting like a tree

God said blessed is the man whose delight is meditating on the Word of God day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the river. Why a tree? A tree does not move but that exactly what God wants you to do. In a sense, God wants us to be still, our mind focus on Him only and His presence when we come to Him. Our mind does not wander around thinking about a lost time, a television show, our problems. But focus on Him.

When we come to rest in Him, it does not mean we are not doing anything. But we should be like a tree. A tree, as it stand still, it absorbs water through its bethelicnycdbadm. That water gives life to the tree. It makes it able to grow, to produce fruit, and the leaves will stay green and fresh. God wants us to be like that tree absorbing the Word of God. Meditate on it day and night. That Word of God gives us life inside of us. As we read the Word, believe in the Word and do them, Jesus Himself lives in us and gives us life, like water to a tree.

He said be like a tree that is planted by the water. We know that a tree will die without water, and that exactly what happen to our spirit without the Word of God. We will die spiritually. No matter what we do, it won’t be successful. Again, a tree without water will die. It won’t produce any fruit. It will be chopped down and burned. A lot of people live like that. They don’t meditate on the Word of God and as a result, they live meaningless lives and only for themselves.

God promised “blessed is the man….whose delight is meditating….” We will grow spiritually like a tree grows tall. We will have an impact on lives all around us, like birds living in a nest on a tree, like animals and human enjoying its fruits. We will have a meaningful life for us, for the people around us. They can see the glory of God through us and enjoy His blessing too and be saved. That is the way of true Christian’s life. It is never to live for ourselves, but it supposes to fulfill the will of God in our lives.

Take our time in the morning, day and night. Rest in Him. Come to His presence. Meditate on His Words!!!!! And God will make a difference through our lives.

Psalms 1:1-3

Daily prayer
Father, I want to be like tree planted firmly by the water. I want to meditate on Your Words and do them. Help me understand Your Words as I want You to shine bright through my life. In the Name of Jesus I pray

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