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Perspective – renewing of the mind

Our mind and way of thinking is largely shaped by the upbringing of our parents and environment that we live in. As we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord, we are being introduced to a new way of thinking, a new way of life, new principles that mostly are the opposite of the way the world thinks. We come to a struggle to accept this new way of thinking, to live our past or to change the way we live. We feel like we are being outcast by our friends who did not know Jesus and even by our own family.

Imagine a trapeze circus act where a person has to swing from one end and grab another swing set to reach the other end. He can only do so by letting go the first swing set that he grab and reach for the other one, then he can successfully land on the other side. If we want to follow Christ, we have to let go of the past, and move forward. We have to change the way we think, not according to the way the world think anymore, but embracing what God is teaching us. Embrace His way, His commandments, His love, and believe in His promises that He would never leave us alone nor forsake us.

We have to renew our mind to gain perspective in the way God works, and that is by reading the Word of the Lord and believing in it and does it. We should not hesitate and press on forward regardless of the challenges. We believe that God will always be with us and give us strength to go through all that. One thing for sure is that when we change the way we think and act like the way Jesus teach us how to live, people will notice it and notice Jesus who lives inside of us. It will bring change to all of our surrounding because God’s love is not to be denied. It is the love of God and the power of God that will reach those around us.

If we want our families and friends and even stranger to know God, there is no other way but to renew our mind every single day by the Word of God and live in it.

Romans 12:2

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, help me to renew my mind and I pray that those around me will see You through my life. Teach me Your ways, and to always believe in You and follow You no matter the challenges that come my way. In the Name of Jesus I pray

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