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Our daily food

We hear every Sunday, every services that we attend at church to read our bible. Read our bible. Yet, many people give up so quickly or halfway, or they don’t read it every day. There are a lot of reasons for this: they don’t understand it. They don’t have the discipline for it. They heard it’s good for them but they just don’t see the point. They are doing fine living their Christian life without it.

If we have faith about God, we believe in Him, yet we don’t read our bible, that faith, that Spirit will die. The purpose to read the Word of God is to feed our Spirit. So it will grow strong and it can act out our faith whenever we need it to overcome our problems. How could the Holy Spirit reminds us about what Jesus teach us if we never put that Word of God into us in the first place? It’s like somebody ask us what is the capital of US but we never read it in the first place.

We may not understand about what we read in the beginning. But that’s exactly why we need to keep reading it. As it feeds our spirit and as it grows stronger, our faith grows stronger, our relationship with God grows stronger; Holy Spirit will give us the understanding about the Word of God. It will slowly reveal the secret of the Word of God.
The most amazing thing about the Word of God is that it is so deep in knowledge and wisdom and understanding and so full of secret, that no matter how many times we read it for as long as we live, the mystery of God will keep pouring out of it. It will never end.

Some tips to read our bible:
– Find a quiet time and place and do it at the same time every single day. Be discipline about it and it will become a habit
– Pray that the Holy Spirit will open the eyes of our understanding so that we may know the secret
– Read slowly and repeat it if necessary in audible voice. Because faith comes from hearing, hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17)
– Bring a pen and a note book. Write down notes, what we get from reading it, what questions we have about certain verses and that way we keep thinking about it or meditating on it and we will find out how God miraculously reveal that secret

James 2:17

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I want to be committed in reading Your Word every day. Open the eyes of my understanding and Holy Spirit guide me and teach me. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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