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Love God – love ourselves

A lot of people do not like what they see in the mirror and they cover it up by trying to be someone they are not. Women put on a lot of makeup, fancy clothes, expensive jewelry, etc and guys buying sports cars, watches, gadgets, houses and all other stuffs to show other people; but when they are alone and face to face with themselves, they hated themselves and starting to lose sense of its originality.

Jesus said to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind. However, if we don’t like ourselves, there is no way we can have the right relationship with God. If we never able to accept ourselves and come to God clean as who we are, instead of trying to cover up in front of Him, God will never be able to work in our life to change us for the better.

If we do not accept us and love us as who we are when we come to God, then it will be hard for us to accept His forgiveness. We will always have doubt whether He truly forgives us, accepts us and loves us. Because we are seeing it from our point of view that we are worthless, that we don’t like ourselves, that we lack this or something is wrong with our characters, our face and a whole lot of other things. As long as we keep thinking that way about ourselves, then we will always think ‘why would God accept someone like me?’ why would God care about me?’

It is the biggest tragedy in someone’s life that Jesus loves us as who we are but we can never accept that. We are wasting His great love, His great mercy and His unending grace just because we do not come to Him as who we are, because we cannot accept our true self. We refuse to come to God until we are a better person. Well, that will never happen. No one is perfect except Jesus and we never will be no matter how hard we try.

Come to God as who we are!! Don’t try to cover up, making up excuses, but come to Him as if in our birthday suit. No lies, no games, just come as an honest broken heart person who is accepted, forgiven and truly loved by the One who created him/her.

2 Corinthians 3:18

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, forgive me for never come to You as who I am. For not being honest with You and try to cover up even though I know that You know everything. Teach me to accept myself and I believe You who began a good work in me will complete it. I believe that You truly have forgiven me and loved me always. In the Name of Jesus I pray

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