I will give you rest

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I will give you rest

It seems like human life in this world is measured by accomplishment. People will look up to those who accomplish great things and they look down on those who fail. The saddest thing is people are pressured to do more nowadays than ever before. Children are crammed with so many activities after school and pressured by their parents to do great. Mothers juggle a job or two and trying to take cares a family. Fathers sacrifice their playing time with their children; sacrifice their relationship with their wives to advance their career.

At the end of the day, will we look at ourselves and ask. Was it worth it? We may gain and accomplish a lot of things but we are strangers to our own family since we never spend time with them. Many people living this live unhappy. Suicide rates are going up. Divorce rates are going up. A lot of people become sick mentally. Stress, depression, stroke and all kinds of new un-treatable diseases keep popping up no matter how advance science is. We get to the point where we are too busy that we forget about God. Even though we go to church, we pray occasionally but we are chasing the shadows of this world.

Isn’t it time to stop and take a break? We need rest. Not the kind of rest like sleep or just going on vacation. Sure, those will refresh us temporarily. But, when we go back to our daily live again; it will all be the same all over again. We need Jesus. He can give us rest like no vacations, not any treatment centers, and psychiatrists can ever do for us.

When we come to Him, He gives us a new heart, He would change the way we look at things and know which one is more important. He will make us realize not to use our own strength which is very limited. Jesus will give us peace, not like the peace that the world gives; but peace that will not let our hearts be troubled through trials. “Come to ME”, Jesus said. “I will give you rest”. Go to Him. Kneel in His presence. Know that in Him, you will be renewed. You will gain a new strength. You will set your priorities right, that God is first and your family is second. Everything else comes after that.

Matthew 11:28

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I come to you and rest in You. In You I find my peace, my joy and my strength. Change me so that I will no longer chase the things of this world but do the will of God in my life. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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