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Grace and Peace

We as believers often proclaim that we believe in God, that we have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. However, many of us do not act like it in our everyday lives. We live in fear, doubt when trouble comes. We worry too much about little things and wonder sometimes about God and His promises.

We need to obtain knowledge of God, to truly know Him by reading His Words and have a personal relationship with God. Only by knowing Him then we will believe in all of His promises. We will believe that He has given us His divine power and equip us with whatever we need that is related to life and godliness, to live holy.

That is the failures of many believers. We think we know Him but we rarely read our Bible, we rarely pray and set aside a precious time just to be in fellowship with Him. Then when troubles strike, we have no valid foundation to hold on too, because we don’t know Him no matter what our mouth claim to be. Those who doubt the power of God, who live in fear and worry, who seek human’s help when they are down are obvious that their heart is far from God.

God promise that He will multiply His grace and peace through the knowledge of Him. If we truly know Him then when troubles arise, we should be able to stand strong because the One who carry us and be there for us to help us is the Creator, the One who lives in us, and the One who makes all things possible. We should still feel peace even though we are surrounded by storms all around us. There is no doubt whatsoever that God will protect His friends, His children, His bride, His chosen people.

Obtain the knowledge of God, spend time with God, seek Him and we will receive His divine power that give us all things that pertain to life and godliness. The more we know Him, our faith will increase and we will be the most blessed people on the face of the earth.

2 Peter 1:2-3

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I thank You that You have given me Your divine power. I know that I should never worry in living this life with You by my side. I believe that grace and peace will be multiplied in my life through the knowledge of You. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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