Deceiving ourselves

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Deceiving ourselves

Have we ever look at our reflection in the mirror and think that we wish we could be someone else. Or we said to ourselves that enough is enough and it is time to be true to ourselves? Many people act very differently, talk differently when they are around other people. They try to imitate others and think that is the key to be successful while the truth is they lie to themselves and the longer it goes on they will no longer recognize who are the real them.

Sadly, a lot of Christians act that way too. In the church, in front of others we can quote a bible, we hold ourselves back in the way we behave and look very religious when Christian brothers and sisters are around. Outside is very different story however. We smoke, we curse, we lied, and we don’t do business in an honest way just to gain a few more dollars, we legalize all ways to be rich quickly, we try very hard to cover up our tracks to make sure no one finds out about the real us, we gamble, we treat others like garbage, we hold grudges and all kinds of other things that we do that do not reflect Jesus characters at all.

How long can we keep that up? There is no way Jesus could live in a person like that, that does not reflect His image at all. We are created in His image and He lives in us and the whole purpose is to guide us to become like Him, so that when others see us, they would see Jesus and believe in Him and accept Him into their lives. We read the bible, we might even memorize more verses than anybody else, but if we don’t do what it says, the Bible says that it is like a man observing himself in a mirror and then when he goes away he forgets what kind of man he is.

The Bible shows us what kind of man we are and what we should be. When we look into the mirror, we should see Jesus as our reflection. That’s how others should see us too. We were created in His image, but sin distorted that image and to go back to the image of God, we have to know the bible and do it. Otherwise we only fool and deceive ourselves. That’s not the way Christians should be.

Be the person that reflects Jesus!!!!

James 1:22

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, I want to become the person that when others see me, they would see You and believe in You. I ask that the Holy Spirit will guide me and teach to not only understand Your Words but do them as well. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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