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A tree cannot live and grow on its own. It needs sunlight, water, fertilizers. It needs good soil to grow bigger and produce better fruit. If we plant two seeds of mango on 2 different soils, they receive different amount of water and one is open to plenty of sunlight while the other one is hidden from sunlight. The fruit that both tree produce will be different. The height of the tree will be different. The one that is planted on a good soil, by the water, receive plenty of sunlight will produce a much better quality fruits.

It is the same as us who call ourselves Christians. We cannot grow on our own. Jesus said in Matthew 28:19-20 to go and make disciples. To make a disciple, first we have to be a disciple of someone else’s. We have to learn from a teacher, and to grow, we have to belong in a good church; a church filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. That is our good soil. The church where we are planted must teach the Truth, The Word of God, and does not bend it. That’s our water. It must have a strong spirit to pray, praise and worship God, which is our sunlight. We need all of those if we want to grow as Christians and be Jesus’ true disciples.

When Jesus walked on this earth, he was never alone in His ministry. He has closest disciples and that number grew. Jesus teaches us and shows us that we need to be in fellowship with other people. If there are Christians who thinks that ministry is to do it alone, that they don’t need to go to church or have fellowship with other people. Then they are wrong. How can they make other people become disciple if they don’t built relationship with others?

Don’t build an island of our own. Find a local church; be in fellowship with others for that is the way of the Lord. Live in unity with our brothers and sisters. For whoever believe in Jesus Christ is our brother and our sister.

Acts 2:44-47

Daily prayer
Father, teach me to open up my heart and be in agreement with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Show me the way and help me to grow in You for I want to do Your commandments and that is to go to all nations and teach them Your Words. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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