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Be still

Have we ever notice all of our surrounding when we are outside? Our habits when we are at home? All of the noises around us pretty much wherever we go? Or are we so used to it that it becomes second nature to us that we don’t even pay attention anymore? When we walk outside, we can hear the noise of traffic, construction, and people speaking on their phone all around us, peoples yelling, and the sound of advertising on the big screen. When we are at home, we turn on television, stereo or listening to music on our headphones. Peoples even listen to their headphones so loud that others can hear it.

We are so used to that and we apply that to our spiritual life. We like to go to an event where they play loud and upbeat music. We chase God and trying to feel His presence where there is loud music and think that God only come to these places and try to build intimate relationship with Him there and try to listen to His voice there. We feel so lifted up by that and then it last for a few days and then we feel empty again in our heart until we go to that place again.

We will never be able to know Him that way. Yes,, God is definitely there where there is praise and worship and where people are gathered in His name. We can feel His presence, His power, His anointing.  But, our God also loves to have a quiet conversation with us, where it’s just Him and us and nobody else. No other noises. That’s the only way to know Him in a deeper level. To truly know Him, we have to shut the world and just focus on Him. There, we will know that God is infinite, it is a truly different experience when it is just us and Him.

In 1 Kings 19:11-13 God showed Elijah His power though a great and strong wind, an earthquake, and a fire, but He was not there. After all that and it quiets down, then God appeared to Elijah through a “STILL SMALL VOICE”.

God’s desire is to have an intimate relationship with us. Indeed He is powerful and strong, but He will appear to us and talk to us in a still small voice that we can only hear when it is all silent all around us and we focus on Him only. Learn to be still. Learn to have a quiet time with Him. Have desire to be with Him and talk to Him. God is waiting and longing for us.


Psalms 46:10

Daily prayer

Lord Jesus, I am longing for you. Teach me to be still and know that You are my God. Greater than any others. Teach me to listen to You and hear Your voice. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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