The God according to HIM

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The God according to HIM

We as believers have our own idea of what is our God supposed to be. Most of us do not even realize it that we limit HIM with our little mind in this little brain of ours. Yes, we do believe that He is our Saviour, that He is our Help, our Rock, our Mountain and whatever else that we could think of.

But, there lies our problem. We think of Him as whatever we think of. Instead of letting God revealing Himself to us, we act as if we know HIM and make a list of what our God can do. That causes us to fail so many times in our life because we fail to recognize that HE is much and much more than we could ever think of.

When Moses encountered God at the Mount of Horeb, he asked HIM, what should I tell them who You are? God answered, “I AM WHO I AM. That is GOD according to HIM. HE is too big, too magnificent and too powerful beyond our mind. If we can understand this, then we would never worry, afraid, losing hope, stressing out, fall into depression, and many more.

What do we need? Do we need HIM to mend our broken heart? Broken family? Financial problem? Hatred in our heart? To save our family? To heal a nation or many nations? To heal diseases? And the list can go on and on. HE IS ALL THAT AND MUCH MORE. But again, the problem lies in our mind and our faith. We quickly forget that there is nothing too big or too small for our GOD that HE cannot handle or not willing to help us with and too often we choose to involve GOD only when we think that we need HIM.

Exodus 3:14

Daily Prayer
God, teach me to never think of You only when I need You at certain points in my life, but to always involve You every time, at every moment and believe that You are more than what I need or what I am facing.