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I AM The Way

People in this world one way or another have their own believes. Some thinks that there is no God and we live only once and that’s it. Some thinks we will be born again after we die. Some thinks we go somewhere or we are hanging around in this world and that this world will last. How wrong they are.

As Christians we believe that there is life after this world that we live only once and we want to be reunited with our Creator for eternity. There is ONLY one way and the only way to get there is not through any kinds of roads or teaching or concepts or by doing things, but only through One Person and His Name is Jesus Christ. People might ask; how can we go through a Person to get to where we want to be?

In John chapter 14, Jesus said that He is preparing dwelling places for us and He said that we know the way. Then He declares that He is The Way, The Truth and The Life. That no one goes to the Father, to God, the Creator except through Him.

We need to know Jesus. We need Him like the air that we breathe. To reach the eternal life together with Him, we have to believe, without shadow of doubt, that He came to save us, that He rose from the dead and that He will come back to pick us up. We have to believe in His plan of salvation. Believe it like the only correct map that we are holding on to and that map will guide us to our final destination.

While we still live on this earth, let us make every effort to get to know Christ, the Person, not as pictures that we see all around, not just as a character that we read in the bible, but as an actual Person who lives and lives inside of us, and to know Him as Person that we can communicate to. Pray to Him, read and meditate on His Words, the Bible. Spend more time with Him and God will reveal Himself to us.

Jesus Christ is the only way

John 14:6

Daily prayer
Jesus, I believe that You are the Way and that You came to save me and prepare a place for me. I want to know You deeper and that I will follow You for as long as I live all the way to eternal life. In the Name of Jesus I pray.

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