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I AM The Truth

All of us are searching for the truth. When we have conversation and argument, each one of us tend to think that we know the truth, we are right and other people are wrong. In life, many of us often try to tell other people the right way to live, while others search for all of their life and still cannot figure it out.

So what is the truth? Jesus said I am The Way, The Truth and The Life. It has been proven in the Bible and if we search it high and low, that there are no lies in Him. Everything that He said always with 100% of certainty has happened and will happen. He is our Creator, the One who set our life before us, The One who knows everything about us, the past, the present and the future. Jesus came to this earth and led a life in a way that showed us how to live our live the right way. All of His teachings give us our guidance on how to live. The best thing of them all is that God give us a Helper, Holy Spirit, that if we listen to His commandment and guidance, we will be able to go through anything that life or enemies trying to throw at us.

The enemy, the devil uses other people who don’t believe in God to bend the truth to lead others into death, and people generally too tend to bend the truth to suit them, to get them out of trouble, to manipulate others, to gain power and status. This world is messed up and it’s getting harder to trust others.

Jesus is the only one that never lies, and yes! His Words can pierce our heart and make us uncomfortable but He said that you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free. Free from bondage of the enemy, from guilty feeling and suffering conscience when we lie. Free from trying hard to be accepted by lying. Free from this perception that being successful means we have to be rich and in control and have power over others. Free from hate, anger, jealousy and greed.

Believe in Him and His Words and do them. We will discover a little by little what The Truth is and who The Truth is and how to live in The Truth. He left a manual book for us, the Bible. Start reading it and ask Holy Spirit to guide us from there we will find out and we can decide which one is the truth and which one is not (from the enemy) and make the right decision, the right words to say in every situation.

2 Timothy 3: 15-17
John 18:37

Daily prayer
Lord Jesus, open up my heart and fill me with the Holy Spirit to guide me in learning about You, living in Your will and doing Your will in my life. Let my words and my actions show other about who You truly are, which is The Truth. In Jesus Name I pray.

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