God’s power over human heart

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God’s power over human heart

We encounter many people throughout our lives and there are moments where we want to change ourselves and other people for the better. However, we find it too many times that it is not easy. When we accepted Jesus and He enters into our heart and our lives, our lives begin to change. Our behavior and our characters are slowly being molded to become more like HIM.

We become different and we walk in a different path than everybody else. We have this desire to change them, our parents, our brothers and sisters, our friends that starting to look at us differently. We talk to them, we preach to them and we show them about God and praying that they would change but it seems like our effort is just going to waste. Many of us give up too quickly and think that people cannot be changed. We think that God created them as who they are.

That’s where we are wrong. God created us in the same image as HIM. When human fell into sin, we lost the glory of God. The image of God in us is distorted; we lose our identity in Christ. The enemy always trying to confuse us and pull us away from God and that goes for every single human being.

But God power is limitless, He created us. He has the power to change a human heart. And the key is to pray and to never give up. Peter was known as a disciple with a temper, quick to make a rash decision, bold and uneducated, and yet Jesus chose him as a disciple and a leader. God knows our heart, He made them and He can change them if He wants to. In Luke 22:31-32, Jesus prayed changed peter. Did it happen right away? NO. Peter still denied Jesus three times after that, He still got angry and cut off an ear of one the soldier that captured Jesus. But Jesus knew that He will change and that His prayer is heard by the Father.

God changed shy Moses that he became the leader of millions of Israeli an. God discouraged Elijah from quitting when he was about to give up. God processed David for 13 years until his heart is ready to be a king, to stay humble and to be obedient to God.
Don’t give up! Keep praying! The Father who is good, hears us and it will happen according to His time. Keep doing our part and we will see how God miraculously work in our life and through us or through other people and circumstances to change the people that we want to save.

Luke 22:31-32

Daily prayer
Father, help me to never give up and believe in You only that you have the power to change people’s heart. Open my eyes to see Your greatness and Your goodness and strengthen my faith to never give up to save others. In Jesus name I pray